Life is alright, I guess.


So, I’m back with another blog post. You didn’t expect that, did you? Ha!

The last few days have gone rather fast, but no complaints. It’s Saturday night, which means that I don’t have to get up early tomorrow and you have no idea how happy that makes me. Seriously, I hate getting up early more than I hate my job. 😀 I’ve also learned how to swear in Estonian, which I don’t think is too healthy, but whaddaya gonna do, it happens, when you have estonian co-workers. I also have this really awesome Hungarian co-worker, who is only 20 years old and has been an exchange student in Finland just like me, I really like her. But she’s off to Hungary for the next week, so that sucks… But I’ll manage somehow, I believe.

This week I’ve been finding myself things to do, oddly enough. Nelli came to our place on Wednesday and we watched one of the Batman movies. I was incredibly rude at one point, texting Joel about random stuff, but that was incredibly productive, because we talked about Imagine Dragons (the band). Since we can’t make it to Joensuu on 14-th (tomorrow) and see them live, we were really bummed about this shit and he said that there are no other dates for Finland and that the closest they will be to Helsinki is Stockholm in November, so I was like “Dude, let’s totally go to Sweden and see that shit live”. At first he was like “Yeaah, it could work, I dunno, gotta wait and see for my uni results”, but now it’s pretty clear that it’s happening. Johanna will also be joining us and Henkka most probably, as well. Greaty-o! And that’s some pretty exciting stuff right there!

On Friday I went to Johanna’s place (well, Joel and Henkka came to pick me up from home, so I didn’t just magically appear there) and I had a good time there, we ate waffles and watched Wolverine and talked about Stockholm and yeah… I slept over there and if I have to be honest, I thought Johanna was gonna wake up at like 6 am and it would be weird for me to sleep on my own for more time, BUT I was super mega surprised, I woke up probably earlier than her (tho pretty much at the same time). By early I mean 11 am. We had a good sleep! And we drank coffee and derped around for like an hour or two, after what she was like “Hey, do you want to ride a bike beside me, while I run?” and I was like “Yea, sure, why the hell not?”. Johanna is a really sporty person, I don’t even understand how she is so durable, but she is…unbelievable. I was going with mediocre speed for the whole time and she was keeping up with it and she even went faster sometimes. Huge respect for her shape. 😀 Considering that I’m a damn couch potato and don’t do shit for myself… (not good, Stefani, for fuck’s sake…). But she borrowed me her mom’s bike for a few days, so now I can bike, yay! Why SHE was the one to borrow me a bike, when I have a host family of 8 biking people, is a really interesting topic and as vague to me as it probably is to you. But now I’ve checked the biking route to my work place in Helsinki and it’s like 13 km one way, so if I would pluck up the time and courage to act on it, that would mean a 26 km bike session every day for 5 days, which will probably hurt and I will probably cry, but it has to be done. 😀 It’s a good thing. And I’ll listen to music, so it’s not that bad, right? Hope so. Tomorrow I will bike there and back to see how much time it will take me to get there, so I know when to wake up on Monday. God, I hope I don’t have to get up at 3am. I REALLY HOPE SO!!!!!

But yeah, here’s a picture of Johanna’s water and legs (cause she didn’t want me to take a photo of her red-ass face, lol)


And yeah, after I came home I’ve been just lazy, watching movies and doing nothing in particular. And also being kinda mad at Joel. Since I have nothing better to do, let me explain: This person does not consider things before he says them, or at least it feels so. I have an obvious problem with some of his comments, because he says them just for the sake of saying them and it’s always been like that, so idk what the hell is his problem. Today (one of the many days), he writes me a private message saying something like “Stop the public excitement. Chill. You’ll scare people off. (about Stockholm, we are inviting every friend, who wants to come)”. When I ask why should I not be excited and what’s the big deal, he replies with “Nvm”, which I just can’t accept. This is not the first time that he does this. First of all, I don’t see why I shouldn’t show my excitement, when I am excited, second of all, I don’t understand his all-the-time-irritation of me being excited, third of all, I don’t understand his irritation that has something to do with me in particular, in general. Comments like “You’re not funny” or “You’re not special, princess” are like a “Hello!” to him. And when I try to express my anger with this bullshit, he’s completely taking on a different direction like changing the subject or starting to talk to someone else or just ending the conversation. I hope he reads this at some point, cause I seriously am annoyed. He can say mean comments all he wants to whoever he wants, but I don’t get his habit of constantly bringing me down about stuff. Can’t I be happy for my own fucking achievements? If I would be happy about going to university, he’d say “Well, it’s just AMK, not the real university” or when I say I’ve got my license now, he’d say “so does half of the world’s population”……..I really hate that. I’ve never bashed his accomplishments and he has the full capability of fucking up my whole damn day with careless comments like that. And when I express something about them, he’s turning it into a joke. Obviously I don’t take it as a joke, never have, never will, ISN’T IT CLEAR? I wouldn’t mind it if that’s who he is with everyone, but he’s not. He only ruins MY days. Fuck that. And I also don’t want to hear Jazz’s sayings about how I should talk to him, cause she doesn’t fucking know how many times I’ve tried to reason with this human and it’s like playing tennis with a wall. Ok, I really like him, he’s one of my closest friends, he’s done so many good things for me and has a million good qualities, but GOD CAN HE PISS ME OFF PROPERLY!!!!!!!!! I don’t have anything more to say on the matter…

I’m going to retreat to my bed now, cause I don’t know why.

//Stef – Have a nice evening


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