Things that I’m good at.

In the spirit of being positive about yourself and having a good outlooks on things, I’ve decided to number a few things that I think I’m good at. Just for kicks.

So here we go:

  1. I have never ever fucked up a dish so bad that it would be practically un-edible (is that even the right word?)
  2. I can sleep 12 hours every day without even trying.
  3. I hate math, but I understand it fairly well, so if I had an interest in it, I would be really good at it.
  4. I can learn stuff without studying. This is really handy, since I am also very lazy. I had one of the best GPA’s in my whole school without even trying that hard. The only thing I basically did, was show up at school and write stuff down.
  5. I can come across as a really friendly and outgoing person, I relate well to people of all social classes, including children and animals.
  6. If you need to talk about some deep shit with someone, I’m the one you need, cause I always know what to say to make you feel better (or make you pull your shit together)
  7. Even though I’m the forever alone person, always being the third wheel and stuff, I actually manage to give some really good relationship advice. Damn, I’d make a good girlfriend.
  8. I had a record in 4-th grade, I could eat a pizza in 52 seconds. Beat that.
  9. I have been running my blog consistently (at least 1 post every month, even though we all know that most of the times they’re more) for over 4 years now, which makes it my longest commitment to anything ever.
  10. I can learn languages fast-ish, if I want to. I can already speak and understand Finnish, though it’s arguable to what extent I can do it and so I rather speak English. I also learned German in 9 months (of course all communication skills are lost, since now I start replying in Finnish if I’m being asked anything in German, but at least I can understand)
  11. I’m good at taking care of people. Not the mother-type sort of thing, but I like it, when people are happy because of me and I like doing nice things for them.
  12. I’m really easy to approach. I don’t know why, but people are spilling their guts out to me, when they’ve talked to me for like 5 minutes. I kinda like it.
  13. I’m good at skiing. I’ve done it once in my life, so I can’t say that I can actually ski well, BUT on my second day of learning I was already on the black track! 🙂
  14. Ask me about procrastination, I can write a book about it…later someday. I’m the queen of postponing things until the very last minute.
  15. I can organize stuff pretty well, if given the opportunity. I myself cannot do all the work by myself, but what I’m the best at, is getting people to do it for me. I basically boss them around without even realizing it.
  16. I can get most people to do pretty much anything, because I am always so nice to them, that they feel guilty if they don’t do it. I am not the kind of person that begs for anything, nor am I being nice for the sake of getting favors back, but somehow my niceness always comes back to me in some way, when I need it.
  17. I can write long-ass existential essays without a considerate effort. That’s how I got through Etis with an average of 9,1.
  18. I am a person, who is interested in literally everything. I love reading about the economic situation in some third world country, or watching about the breeding season of the Brazilian killer wasps, or going to a real-life corpse and cutting it open to see what’s inside, or learning about camera equipment or marketing strategies. I like this quality about myself, it makes me learn useless stuff for most of the time, but my basic knowledge is broader and I can handle my facts.
  19. I am a good friend or I always try to be. Besides my personal dramas with myself, it has been a long time, since a friend has complained about my behavior towards them. I love my friends and when necessary, I’m ready to give them my full attention.
  20. I’m good at making lists and plans about the future, which doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m the best at actually putting them into action.

Well that’s all I can think of right now. And just so you’re not too bored, here’s a few bad qualities about myself, too:

  1. I have a really low self-esteem and a poor body-image about myself. I’m always worrying about how I look.
  2. I really like sports, but I’m so bad at them that I just don’t do them.
  3. I really, really hate cleaning. I do it only because I absolutely have to. This is my worst nightmare. You can threaten me with vacuuming. I hate that time of the week more than I hate doing useless stuff.
  4. I don’t usually give 100000000% of my abilities if it is not about something I care about. But if I do something, I MUST do it perfectly.
  5. I don’t speak Finnish, not because I can’t, but because I’m too self-conscious about my abilities and I can’t bring myself to just give it a go.

Theeeere you go, wasn’t that nice.




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