It’s all about the story. – Filmmaking


Check out my profound conclusions on this fine Thursday evening.

So I’ve been taking the course “Video editing”, which is completely not in my study plan, but I like it so much anyway that I’m skipping my own courses, just so I could attend it. I regret nothing. But get this: Why is there cinema and videos to edit in the first place? Why do people spend hours and hours trying to get the perfect shot of a 2 second scene? Or spend weeks trying to compose the right score soundtrack?

It’s an art, man! I think movies and short films are so much cooler than reality. I’ve never seen Johnny Depp running on top of a train in real life, first of all because what the hell would I ever do on top of a train, and second of all – there is just no reason for him to do stupid shit like that. But the movie reality is so…much…better.

Because it enhances everything so much more. It cuts out the boring parts, there is action, there is love, there is anger! During a normal day of mine, I experience about 0 of those things. And it’s funny to think how something you watch was once just an idea into someone’s head. It’s fascinating to see how a whole goddamn huge team of people has worked together to make that person’s vision come to the audience the way we see it. And I’m not just talking about blockbusters or big Hollywood productions. Everything was an idea once. So hey, even you can do it. The only thing is…what if your story is shit?

What if you want to make a movie about a flying hutt, who is a real asshole and shoots people with fairy dust? Make it work, sista, but my bet is that no one is gonna want to watch that.

I like the whole concept of the story. If I could edit my life, I totally would. I would leave in all the parties and movie nights with friends, all the Star Wars marathons, all the concerts that I’ve attended and all the times, when I’ve felt at least a little bit excited about something. I would cut out all the disappointments, the school work, the bus waits, the work and the silly times, when I’ve been bored to death. But unfortunately we can’t do that, so we kinda have to work with what we have.

I admire great directors, great musicians and great authors. My mind isn’t nearly as amazing as some people’s, but thank the lord, I can appreciate good ideas. And good stories, which don’t just fall from the sky. Which is also why I like to watch youtube and search for some new up and coming filmmakers full of potential. I love seeing the great idea come to life in the most unprofessional way possible and see how it goes better with each time. It’s great watching people learn. I want to learn, too.

But making a movie is not just down to one person. How good friends do you have to be with someone for them to completely understand your story, embrace it, nurture it to its full potential and help it grow to become brilliant? And how many people need to do that in 56787656 different ways? I guess the production always depends on the team. That’s what sucks in big productions – the producer tries to play director, cause he’s the one paying and there’s so much staff that no one really knows each other and actually the whole movie depends on the producer, the camera man and the editor (who by the way, if he isn’t on the spot, he can make whatever the fuck he wants). Then of course, there’s the sound people, but they pretty much follow the feeling of the frame.

So in the end, it’s all about the story. No matter how much it is twisted and turned, if your story is good…everyone will be able to see it and try to embrace it. The whole reason why this huge effort is made is the story. That’s what people want to see.

I dunno. I think it’s pretty cool. And it’s probably a lot of fun to actually shoot it. And yeah, this is random, but I was watching a documentary earlier and it just sunk in a few minutes ago, so yeah… (this whole thing was written in like 10 min, whaaat?!)

//Stef – and now off to watch yet another cool movie.


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