Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013, you’ve certainly been noticed. – Year review.

Hey! So it’s that time of the year again. The time, where I review the whole year and hope to get some sort of conclusions from the experience I’ve gotten (if any). And you get to see a few photos, which I have not published anywhere else. Yay. The first half of the year was […]

Say a few good words about yourself.

Hey, lovelies! Now that Christmas is almost over, Jesus’ 2013-th birthday is gone (damn, he’s old), I just had the greatest idea ever. Because I know a lot of us need it. Let me just start by saying that my Christmas was great, it couldn’t have gone better and I couldn’t have spent it with […]

I’m not fat, I’m FLUFFY! – Merry Christmas!

Hey, peeps! I hope you’re all doing well, wherever you are. Most of my international friends have left for their home countries for the holidays and now it’s just me and a few other friends here for Christmas. The Finnish people are kind of feeling sorry for me, because I’m not home, but actually I […]

Stop being so damn cynical!

Hey! I should be studying math right now. Instead I’m writing in my blog….I guess the time management lecture I had a few months bad hasn’t really been that useful after all. On a completely unrelated note, I passed my marketing exam today and I’m damn proud of myself, because I started studying 4 hours […]

Much people. Many fun. Wow. – X-MAS BOWL 2013

Hey you lovely people! My blog has been quite popular lately, why is that? I mean the roof is on FIIIREEEE! But I guess if you guys read this shit, I might as well just embrace it. So…every once in a while, I go out in the real world, just to make sure that everything […]

Why I stay at Arcada a bit longer every day.

Hey!  Lately I’ve noticed that I find myself leaving my university always later than the day before. Why? This is a very important question, which certainly has a VERY interesting answer. People. I may skip a lecture, I may come in later, I may not pay attention to the lecturer and I might not even […]