Much people. Many fun. Wow. – X-MAS BOWL 2013

Hey you lovely people!

My blog has been quite popular lately, why is that? I mean the roof is on FIIIREEEE! But I guess if you guys read this shit, I might as well just embrace it.

So…every once in a while, I go out in the real world, just to make sure that everything is still the same and I haven’t miraculously skipped 50 years by any chance. I’m warning you  here that you are about to see many, many names, which you probably don’t know, but if I started to explain who everyone is, I’d just better write a book. And if you have been to the X-MAS bowl or you have friends, who were there, try and find their names (or yours). 🙂

It all started for me a bit before 16.00. I was still at Arcada and I went to one of the handicapped toilets to do my makeup (seriously, nobody uses those and there’s a lot of space in there). By makeup, I mean a sudden improvisation of a theme costume. I painted my face to at least resemble Paul Stanley from KISS. I wasn’t quite happy with the outcome, since I did it in literally 5 minutes and I could have done everything a lot better, but I figured that everyone would be so drunk that they won’t notice the imperfections and even if they did, let’s be honest – they don’t give a fuck. So here’s a picture of my face:


Yeah…our theme was actually “Superheroes”, but Paul Stanley IS a hero. He’s the hero of Rock’n’Roll. He sings about Detroit and women. And I mean, come on…KISS!!! But yes. Now maybe a little bit of summary about what this whole X-MAS bowl is?

It’s basically a pubcrawl. We get an envelope with clues so that we can figure out the bars that we need to go to and then our tickets for the afterparty. We go from bar to bar, drink up, save the receipts and then when we are ready, we bring them to the afterparty, so they could be evaluated by the judges and that’s how they pick a winner. There were a total of 7 bars this year.

My team was awesome, though it went through some changes. Firstly, Upama and Jannika decided to bail out on us, which I can’t even comprehend, nor do I want to. They came up with excuses, which I found ridiculous. Jannika was sick, but so was I. I was on meds and ready to have fun, but let’s say that I could understand if someone doesn’t want to risk their health the way I do. Upama’s excuse was completely made up and I am 1000000% sure that it was because Jannika decided not to come and that, for me, was a stupid thing to do, because she always promises to come to events and then she never does, so basically I’m mad at both of them, because I paid for them and wanted to have fun with them and they decided to be party poopers in the last moment. So yeah, I’m never gonna fun-team-up with them anymore. Though I do like them.

Anyway, they got replaced by Stina and Milla, who were ready to rock this party, so it turned out great. In the end it was me, Sarah and them two, which meant that we were missing a 4-th person and someone had to drink for one extra person. Wheee!

The bars themselves were located all around Helsinki, including Lauttasaari, Munkkivuori, Kallio, Vallila and Ruoholahti, such joy. Half-way through we met Kaelan, who was just chilling on a tram stop in Kallio, waiting for the tram to go to Kamppi. Unfortunately for him, we had other plans. He became our 5-th person quite spontaneously. It was a lucky coincidence, you could say. 😀 And we were probably one of the few teams that actually went to every single bar and drank alcohol. I was the receipt gatherer, cause I can still think, when I’m drunk, I had to constantly remind my team mates to fuckin ask for the receipt. But yeah, it went well.

Then we met these guys:


I think they’re Stina’s friends, but I’m not sure, cause at this point I had already been to 6 bars and well…let’s just say that what I recall is blurry. So their theme was tourists, though all I see is “that guy”, who keeps his sunglasses on at night in a bar. 😀 We talked to them for like an hour before we decided to go to the finish line together. One of them recognized that I was Paul Stanley and I was seriously relieved, cause it had already been a few hours and no one had guessed “what” am I. I was starting to lose hope in humanity.

We met Nicco and his team, as well. They seemed like lovely fellas, they were something like Helsinki’s Hells Angels, but with a different name, I don’t remember exactly, but it looked awesome. 😀 And so it goes…the afterparty.

Now that was a big mess. Let me just mention here that I was already pretty shitfaced, when we entered the premises. I met Daniel, Dennis, Fanny and Vincent at the front , cause our teams arrived at the same time, we had a little chat, I came to the conclusion that they are a big bag of cheaters, cause they only went to like 3 bars, so that’s just not cool. 😀 And they weren’t nearly as drunk as they should have been…though Fanny and Daniel at least caught up with the pace pretty fast.

Oh oh oh, let me tell you about “Fuck you airlines”. That was the team of my friends Fanny, Quan, Marco, Igor and Meri. Flight attendants. And when you ask them “Why Fuck you airlines”, the answer is always “Because fuck you, that’s why.”

1465375_10202657612627352_1614234233_nI found this picture in Fanny’s album… That team was very aggressive and competitive and I have a rivalry going on with Igor there, cause he’s Russian and I always make jokes about it, but the rest are freaking nasty, as well. There were certain screams about who’s going to finish first and fuck someone else’s asshole, that was some competitive spirit. They came in the club half an hour before us, but they lost the asian kid on the way, Igor got kicked off, cause he was too drunk and Fanny was so wasted that she had to catch a cab back to Espoo.

I mean, sure, you “win”, guys. But we were calmly drinking our last beer befriending other teams for an hour and all of us made it to the finish line…Though I must give huge props to Marco and Meri, who were keeping it together until the very end, such badasses! Good stuff, right there.

But yeah, at the club I met sooo many people that I knew. I’m seriously surprised by my social skills. It was such a nice feeling to see everyone drunk enough to not care about anything and yet not SO drunk that they don’t know what they’re doing. It was just very friendly. Emilia, Erik and his friend Emil crashed the party at some point, I guess they were at Amarillo and were already drunk, when they came, they were so friendlyyyy. 😀 I LOVED IT! Emilia hot as hell, dancing on the floor like there’s no tomorrow. Some random guy from Aalto university bought me a shot, cause “I looked like I needed it”, then Tony bought me a beer, cause I lent him 50 cents for the guy, who takes all the jackets and bags (that was a really bad deal on his side, btw :D)…then some other guy, who I don’t remember got me a cocktail. I’m not sure if it’s because of the makeup or because I’m a girl, but thanks gents! (Not that I ever wait for anyone to buy me anything, I am an independent strong black woman!!!!!)

Also, I got SO MANY compliments on my blog, I don’t know what to say, thank you so much! Every third person that I met was saying that they’ve read already so many posts and it’s so strange to me to hear that…wow. Nata was hugging me being like “You’re so awesome!!”. Thanks, Nata! 😀 Also some girls in the bathroom had some nice comments, awwwww. You guys make me blush.

Nicco and Erik were also somewhat impressed by my Finnish skills. Erik started speaking to me in Finnish and since I was so, so drunk, I didn’t give a damn and we had a really nice discussion in Finnish (but I don’t remember what it was about) and today we met again and he started again with the finnish speaking, but this time it was embarrassing for me, cause I was sober. 😀 Mut hei ihmiset, nyt on hyvä tietää että mä kyllä voin ainakin ymmärtää suomea! Ja ehkä voin kirjoittaa… It would be nice to get rid of the accent, though.

Anyway, I have to also tell you that I was a major pimp last night, too! I hooked up like 3 guys and at least 4 more got some without my help (that I know of). Good times.

And uuuuh, yeah, I went home at around 01:40 am and the bus driver and a few passengers were the best. They were saying how cool I looked (the makeup and all) and the driver had a KISS CD, so he played it and me and the 3 other guys sang for like 25 minutes before I got to get off at my bus stop. Best bus ride of my life. Awesome people!

And this morning I realized that I have no voice. Or if I try to speak it sounds like I have  terminal vocal cord disease and I’ve got 3 more days to live. Christ, I yelled last night…it’s really difficult for me to speak at the moment, but hopefully in a few days it will fade away. And besides, that’s how I know I had a good time, right? 😉

Thank you, Arcada (and HanSe) for a really AWESOME night and I will definitely repeat this next year, cause it kicked ass. Much people. Many fun. Wow.

//Stef – yes.


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