Stop being so damn cynical!


I should be studying math right now. Instead I’m writing in my blog….I guess the time management lecture I had a few months bad hasn’t really been that useful after all.

On a completely unrelated note, I passed my marketing exam today and I’m damn proud of myself, because I started studying 4 hours before the exam. I am a genius. Okay, now to the main topic.

I had a classmate called Venci (bless him, he was the sweetest creature ever) and he would always diss on how all women are the same. Apparently we look at men’s wallets, their cars, their bank account, we are brainless and only play hard to get. Oookay. I really, really don’t like being stereotyped. First of all, I’m not a skinny model, I’m not beautiful nor ugly, my hair is weird and I crack my knuckles a lot. I have my own face and stuff. => I am me. What connects me to other women is my physiology and partly my tendency to overthink things and make false assumptions.

But as far as I’m concerned, I’ve never ever liked someone because of what he possesses or what his social status is. If anything, I’ve turned down people, who have been bragging about themselves. Why am I put in this big bunch of gold diggers, who spread their legs for anyone with wealth? And how is it my fault that some men like those women and then end up frustrated with the whole female population? This is not cool. And then you wonder why there are no good girls for you.

Also, do you seriously think that the love of your life is going to be hiding in a night club on a tuesday night? And if you just want sex, that’s fine, but why the hell are you looking for a girlfriend in that case? And yes, university is quite party/sex oriented, but you make it that way. I don’t think about hot guys, when I go out partying, I just want to have fun drinking and dancing and I don’t understand why that’s something frowned upon.

Every time, when I’m out with my friends, they are trying to hook me up with someone, so we could “have fun.”, no matter how much I say that I don’t want a one night stand. Fucking annoying. And why is it your problem that I am actually a serious relationship sort of girl, why do you want to change me so much, why is all this “men only want one thing from you” talk? I know that some are like that, but some aren’t, so stop pressuring me to sleep with guys. I actually had a girl saying “you’ll never find a guy, because you’re chubby, so unless you start losing weight, it’s best to sleep with drunk guys.” Aha. Orrr, you could go fuck yourself. I like that she spoke somewhat what she really thought, so I’m not mad or anything, I completely acknowledge what she meant, but hey come on – we are different people. You like “blurred lines”, for Christ’s sake!

Also, I’d like to say that my personality is so amazing that it’s difficult even for me to comprehend it sometimes. 😀 (modesty, hello!) I like Star Wars, I make kick-ass sandwiches, I know my pop culture, I listen to great music and I have a great sense of humor, I am even curious about video games and I’m interesting to talk to. I’m also a great friend and I’m really committed, so I’d make a great girlfriend, too. But being someone’s girlfriend isn’t my ultimate goal  in life and I wish that people would understand that. If it happens – great! But looking for a boyfriend just for the sake of having one isn’t my thing.

Yet everyone is so cynical. Even my dad. I remember him saying something about not falling in love with someone’s personality, because it’s not going to support me in the end. That’s right. But you know what will support me? I will. That’s why I’m fucking going to university and I don’t want to listen to any more bullshit about the gender roles. I’d seriously be embarrassed if my husband supported me financially, which is the reason why I don’t care about anyone’s income.

How hard is it to see that I do care about the person themselves more than their status? Or looks for that matter! If the chemistry is there, I don’t care how you look and I really mean it. Call me naive, I probably am, but I like it that way, so it would be really cool if you could just stop trying to change me.

I’m also fine with all of my friends’ sex stories (lawd knows, Quan has a lot), so that doesn’t mean that I’m looking down on anyone. I approve of anything that makes you happy, so there you go!

Stop being so cynical, people, and accept others for who they are.



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