I’m not fat, I’m FLUFFY! – Merry Christmas!

Hey, peeps!

I hope you’re all doing well, wherever you are.

Most of my international friends have left for their home countries for the holidays and now it’s just me and a few other friends here for Christmas. The Finnish people are kind of feeling sorry for me, because I’m not home, but actually I think I’m going to have a really good Christmas here in Finland. I don’t know how many of you know about Salla, she used to be my “support person” back when I was an exchange student and we never really lost contact with each other and she has always been super amazing. I spent my exchange Christmas with her and her husband (and her parents) and it was very lovely! This year we have a tiny little addition to the usual company – the 2 month old Sara-Sophie, who is such a darling and a cutie pie! I have no doubt that Christmas is going to be great!

So hey, mom and dad, and all others, who are worried – don’t be! 🙂 I really stand behind my decision to stay here instead of go back to Bulgaria for 2 weeks. And my Bulgarian friends will probably get to see me on Easter, so it’s really not that bad!

The only thing that I’m worried about is my program for the whole holiday. I pretty much know what I’ll be doing until Christmas, but after that I fear of being utterly alone for most of the time. Or actually, I’m spending New Year’s eve with my friends at Joel’s place (a good tradition we’ve got going on there) and I’m excited about seeing them all, since I’ve been a real bitch with my schedule. I’ve got work in weird times and my friends are all the way in Espoo, so it’s difficult for me to handle the transportation. Joel seems to be the only person, who I manage to see at least once a month (maybe he’s the only one putting effort into it, or it’s just a lucky coincidence that I talk to him all the time and know when he’s free to hang out.)

Btw, a small detour here. I’ve already had a few people asking me who Joel is. He is a really good friend of mine and to all the girls – yes, he IS taken by a really lovely girl called Johanna, so no, I can’t introduce you. 😀

But yes, the holidays. So I guess after New Year’s eve, I have nothing to do for a week until uni starts again. Sooo, does anyone want to hang out with me? It would be cool. I can also stay at home and watch movies, which doesn’t seem that bad, but I think it’s a bit depressing sometimes, when I don’t get that much human contact, especially since it’s so dark outside already. But yeah, no big deal anyway.

Also, reflecting back on the past few weeks, I may or may not have a tiiiiiiiiny little insignificant crush on someone. 😀 I’m not even sure and I never am and being me in these situations sucks. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding if someone is just really friendly or if something else is going on. Cause, I myself, am very friendly with everyone, so I could imagine it can be very confusing, especially since I don’t act any differently around people that I have a crush on (or you know, whatever, I don’t like the word crush). I’m so embarrassed for some reason to admit even to myself that I might actually like someone, it’s ridiculous. But yeah. I’m not admitting it here. I’m just saying that I MAYBE like someone. 😀 That’s not the same thing.

And I’ve been watching Gabriel Iglesias stand up-comedy. Lately I’ve been very self-conscious about how crappy I look and this cheered me up a little bit. I’m not fat, I’m fluffy. I’m more to hug and hugs are nice. And who doesn’t like fluffy things? If you’re one of those people, who doesn’t like stuffed animals, you’re probably a bad person. But yeah. Cakes are nice and so is pizza and how I love chocolate, oh my god, let me tell you… So I guess I’m never giving up on food, but I could try exercising more with friends if they care to join, cause doing it alone is just boring and dull. However, for now, I’m very fluffy and chubby and I kinda dig it, cause it makes me look funnier and I make people laugh when I tell jokes and that’s fun :D. But it reminded me of this:

And yeah, what else is there to say? I suppose I would like to wish you all a great holiday and I hope Santa isn’t a jerk and brings you everything you wished for. Give each other kisses under the mistletoe, watch romantic Christmas comedies (or Home Alone), bake cookies, drink glögi, eat a lot of Christmas food, get fat, make other people happy and smile more often! And if you have Christmas jumpers, you could wear those, too. They’re awesome, I love em’.

Merry Christmas, everybody! Be happy!

Christmas times!

//Stef – Now off to wrapping presents!


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