Random thoughts. I’m not even joking. :D


New Year’s eve was AWESOME.

I don’t have many pics, cause all I did was make videos and I’m swearing like a mofo in all of them (unintentionally), so I decided that I want to be a lady this year and swear less and yeah. The drinking was a lot and in the morning me and Joel were utterly distressed by everyone else’s need of food. Apparently they hadn’t had enough to drink to feel the nausea… but good times overall.

I am utterly disappointed of the breakup of the couple of the century – Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. I know this happened like years ago, but I take this as a personal tragedy, they were so perfect together! I am really conflicted, because I think that Ryan Gosling is a damn god and he is hot as hell, but I am willing to let go of him if that would mean that he’d get back together with Rachel, who is also pretty amazing. I’m not a Hollywood stars follower, but I’m sad about this… 😦

Also, I’ve been watching American Horror Story. I haven’t slept in 29 hours, but at least I’ve seen all seasons now. I started to hear noises and get extremely paranoid (hehe, now I gotta play Black Sabbath) and as the others would say “shit is cray”.

Look at this really cool picture. Look at it.

I quite like photography like that. Very bohemian. Very wow. And that mud she has on her face is one hella good mask, her skin is gonna thank her for it. But it’s creative anyway. I now know that I will get like a lot of money at the end of this year and what I’m wondering is whether I should spend them on traveling or buying a kick-ass new camera. I really want both, but I can’t do them at the same time, because I want everything to be perfect. You know, I’m a maniac about traveling, but also I want to make videos, I am so confused. Please advice me something. PLEAAASE!

When I saw this picture, it reminded me of how I want to save the world, cause those little turtles are endangered and seagulls eat them (those bastards) and I kinda want to live in a world filled with turtles and rhinos and great white sharks. But then again all I do is sit in front of my computer being inspired and not doing anything. Though lately I’ve been trying to start something. Be the change you want to see in the world and whatnot. And I’ve also been thinking about donating blood, even though I’m TERRIFIED of needles and the very thought of one piercing my vein makes me shiver. But hey, I might save someone! I think I’ll overcome my fear soon…I really want to!

And I’ve been meaning to tell you how big of an asshole Axl Rose really is. I mean, yes, he has a good voice and stuff, Guns’N’Roses are world famous, good songs and whatnot, but he is to this day a big primadonna and he’s annoying and he needs to eat a snickers or something. He’s horrible, when he’s hungry.

But AC/DC rock. And so do KISS. And Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, and The Darkness, and ZZtop, and just in general rock’n’roll. I love it. I should dress more like it, maybe. I give out the wrong innocent vibes. πŸ˜€ Haha. Innocent. But yes, I’ve been thinking about buying more t-shirts and a leather jacket perhaps. Just for kicks. And a pair of Dr.Martens, cause they just go with everything, they’re a good investment. Wish I were born in the 80’s. Sigh.

Also, I thought I’d share this with my blog, so I don’t chicken out (or at least not that soon) from it. I decided to try and be more active. I’m not talking about being a pro athlete, cause let’s be honest here, the only thing I can run is my blog. But like, I want to feel a bit better physically, gain some muscle mass, lose some fat, make some small changes in my routine, walk that 50 m longer distance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, I’ve signed up for a gym, it would be cool if I could visit 2-3 times a week for a week, it’s in a convenient place…I don’t know, I just want to get active, sweat, feel great, repeat. We’ll see what will happen. I’m not setting myself any goals, cause that makes me think too much. I just want to be more active and I hope I can do it. πŸ™‚

I will also try to cut down on the junk food and replace it with healthier options. Again – I’m not going all maniac on this, but I can take the salad in school for most days, eat more soups, don’t buy chips, stop putting sugar in my tea, buy more fruits, etc. I like healthy food anyway, I don’t see why not eat it more. I’m not completely stopping bad food, cause if you know me, you’d know that I will literally try to kill you if I’ve been chocolate deprived for a long time. And pizza is nice. Yes. But you know, I don’t need to eat so much and so unhealthily all the time, always. So yes.

And I’m really glad that Christmas break is over. I know most people are dreading the moment they have to go back to uni, but I actually really like it there, so I’m happy. I get to see everyone! And it’s a new semester and I get to have all new and exciting courses. Can’t wait. In fact, I’m going to get ready right after I finish this. Arcada rocks my socks off, I love it. <333

Aaaaand a sad story about my sleeping pattern. I’ve killed it. My biological clock doesn’t work anymore. Last time I woke up was at 11.45pm on a Saturday night. I have no justification. I’m a bad person and I watch a lot of TV shows, sue me. But my point is that now I will be tired as hell, when I go about my daily duties as a student. This sucks. But so does life and then you die. πŸ˜€

WHICH REMINDS ME, I should really go skydiving before I die. It’s the coolest thing ever and I want to do it so bad. I have to. But maybe in Bulgaria. Or, or, or! What about hawaii? Falling down to this beauty doesn’t sound bad at all!

But yeah, I’m going to go get ready to go out now! Have a lovely day, people! πŸ™‚



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