Being an entrepreneur. What?

Hey, blog!

Even though I’ve been to many interesting parties lately, this is not what I want to talk to you about today.

Remember, when I told you that I’ve been meeting new people at Arcada? The staying there later than usual and having a great time? Yes, well… I kind of started something on my own here.

First off, I want to say that my way of thinking has not been changed at all, if anything, it has just been amplified. Friends and family can confirm that I’ve always wanted to be creative and do things, which people don’t necessarily put a “normal job” label on. I remember my mom asking me what I wanted to do when I grow up (when I was about 5 years old) and I replied “A SINGER!” with such enthusiasm and passion. I actually held on to that dream for quite a while. I was maybe 13 years old, when I actually realized that my vocal gifts aren’t all that and I probably won’t get far with that. Since then I’ve been passionate about Film making and short films in particular. I just really, really want to learn about that.

28387e8e2e3f084d5aac6b1784961129931dc60cAnyway, what I was thinking was that I really, really, really don’t want to work for anybody (long-term). I want to work WITH someone towards goals that WE find good. Basically I don’t want to do only one thing during my lifetime and the thought of doing something, which makes me unhappy terrifies me.

I’m really interested in seeing how I can make things work for me, I have spoken to a few professionals (which were provided by Arcada, so this school has some amazing opportunities) and lately I’ve been reading articles and in all honesty, entrepreneurship seems to be just the thing I want to do (well, film making, but you gotta be an entrepreneur for that.) I never realized this until a few weeks back, when I was hit by a sudden clarity – I’m young and I have nothing to lose, so I might as well go after what I want.

I mean, I have no responsibilities, no family to take care of, no loans to pay off, it’s just me and my free time. And my idea. And that one has been bugging me for a while and I just HAVE to make it. I’d like to quote an article from , where they advice you to start your own company if you have an incurable obsession:

Start a company after you sit on your idea for a while—and you can’t get it out of your head. You’re obsessed. You’re incurable. No matter how much you try not to think about the business, it keeps coming back. You start working on the idea during all your free time. You can’t stop talking to friends and family about it. And you feel like you will never forgive yourself if you don’t take a chance.

This is what happens to me and I know that it would be so fun to realize this idea. And if entrepreneurship is the way to do it – I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

b79ca3bf41d73226ba260877144a0132365711dfNot only do I have inspiration and motivation, but I also have vision. It would be such a waste to not go for it. Jordan Belfort has said that vision is the thing that keeps you going. It’s true that he was a drug-addict popping enough pills to take out a grown horse and he did serve time in federal prison for financial fraud, but he does have a point.

My vision is to make something really great. I can see myself already there and I know how good it feels. I can change something, I really can. I will travel the hell out of the world, building a strong community, which is awesome and supports itself. I can change the way people think, I can promote creativeness, innovation, unique ideas and best of all – I can shatter the myth that you need to hate your job in order to be successful in it. I also don’t care so much for the money aspect, if it lets me live comfortably with a humble lifestyle. I want to meet more people like me, who are not afraid to say what they want and fight for it. More Makers, more Do-ers, more people, who are realizing that being happy depends on them.

This is just my dream job. And that’s what being an entrepreneur is like? Definitely count me in. I don’t mind working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because I know that this will just make me so happy that it’s totally worth it. I NEED to make it and I need to make it NOW. I’ve been going to my university during the weekends, so that I could work on my business plan (which in all honesty is a bit complicated and as a business student I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing), we got some pretty neat rooms there with big boards, which let your thinking side come to life and get stuff done effectively. I’ve also been going to some really interesting lectures, which are helping me to express what I want better (like the pitching session we’re going to have tomorrow). I’ve spoken with a few teachers, asking for help on some unclear things and I think I’m starting to get a move on everything.

I like it.

I’m probably going to enroll for the “Rotary startup challenge” just for fun, get some experience from there, gather some good critique, meet new people and see how they present their ideas. I actually can’t wait, even though I have a lot of things to get done before that. This year is going to kick ass. 🙂

Sooo, get yourselves ready, cause soon I’m bringing out the cameras and you’re about to witness some really cool stuff! I’m the perfect combo of business and pleasure. 😀 Awyeah.

The only thing that could go better is if I would have someone to partner with, buuuuuuut it’s kind of difficult for me to make those decisions. I suppose I will find someone. All in good time.

Now I’m going to leave you, kids, to eat your ice cream and go to bed.

//Stef – Future Entrepreneur? Hope so.


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