According to my non-scheduled schedule, it’s time for a new blog post.

Evening, everyone!

Now that I have a tasty sandwich on the side and a warm cup of strawberry tea, I’m ready to roll!

So this last week has been pretty damn good. What have I done? What have I not? I think I’ve been spending more time in Arcada than at home, which is pretty amazing, considering that I love sleeping in my bed. I got a weekend access for the building, because I want to do my school work there, yet I wouldn’t like to compromise that with spending time with friends there.

I know I hang out with a lot of people, I’m completely aware of that, but I would like to keep it that way, because it makes me feel busy and social. And the people are nice, too. So I wouldn’t like to be stuck in the computer rooms during the week, when I can have a long lunch with my friends. Hence, I took the weekend access. (cause let’s be honest, I can never do anything at home.)

The irony is that I don’t have time for my friends outside of Arcada, which makes me more than sad, because they are, after all, my best friends. I try to invite them to happenings as much as I can, but they either have something to do during the week, or they’re just not interested. And they hang out together during the weekends, which doesn’t work for me, because I have work really early in the morning and they’re all the way in Espoo. Although, I did go partying with Kaisa last Wednesday and I did meet Johanna on the Monday after that. And I do talk to Joel on daily basis, so I guess that’s nice.

But time seems to be quite relative for me at the moment. Even though it’s been a whole week, it only feels like a few hours, everything is a big blur, because I’ve been keeping busy. Firstly, I attended a lecture on pitching your ideas by Mike Bradshaw. I’ve seen him lecture before, in our Communications and Public Speaking course, but this time it was different. It was a “lecture”, but it lasted all day and everyone got to pitch their ideas and get some valuable feedback on what they’re lacking. I found it to be quite helpful and nice! It continued until quite late, even though it was supposed to end at 15.00. But oh, well, ideas need time. 🙂

Then the next day I attended 2 lectures on “henkilöbrändäys” (branding yourself) by Jarkko Sjöman and Achieving your goals and dreams by Patrick (Pata) Degerman.

Jarkko Sjöman is this cool fella:

His presentation “The Resume of a Superman” is one of the most viewed on this cool site called “SlideShare” and he works as a branding coach. All of his accomplishments give him a lot of credibility, he knows his stuff. Now, I would like to take a second to mention that his lecture was entirely in Finnish and I’m so proud of myself for actually going, because I understood everything (yes, even the jokes) and I was able to follow his train of thought for the entire 45 minutes in which he was speaking and I even raised my hand 1 or 2 times. I should speak more… With that being said, his lecture was interesting and somewhat educational, even though I already knew most of the things he talked about.

And then THIS GUY:

(couldn’t find a bigger picture). Pata Degerman. He comes into the big auditorium like he owns the place, plays Tina Turner on his laptop for everyone to hear as he prepares his presentation and when he starts talking…his voice fills up the whole auditorium effortlessly. If you need a definition of what a manly voice sounds like, I suggest you give him a call just to hear it, I promise you, it’s epic. And he tells his story of how he made it to Antarctica, to a place where no one has ever been before. It was delightfully funny and crazy at the same time. I for one, think that this man is completely BONKERS to put his life in danger like that AND fight for years on end to do it. But you know what, as crazy as he seems to me, I say “here’s to the crazy ones, the ones who don’t take no for an answer and the ones, who fight their way to success.” His story was truly inspirational and I never thought I would say this for a guy, who was interested in something completely foreign to me. If any of you ever meet Mr.Degerman and he has time, please ask him to tell you his story, I promise you, you’re going to love it!

Sooo anyway, I was super inspired and had lots of things crossing my mind, so I went immediately to the computer rooms and started working on my business idea. I had already started doing it last week, because I thought I’d give the Rotary startup challenge a go. Just for fun. For the feedback, for the advice, for the experience. I can only gain from this, no matter how good/bad my idea is. So after I had done yet another segment of my presentation and pitch preparation, I immediately went to talk with this AMAZING woman:

Mervi Hernberg, ladies and gentlemen. The former head of Fazer’s marketing department and an amazing human being altogether. She was like a huge ray of sunshine, full of ideas which might help me and you could see that she was genuinely excited about what I was doing. I think she’s my new favorite teacher. She made me feel very, very comfortable and gave me so much valuable advice and I can’t explain it, but she just seems very genuine and warm and…GREAT. So yeah, I could praise her forever. But she did help me out a lot and she gave me some other teacher names, which I can contact and ask for further advice. She also booked the Oasis for me, to practice on my pitching with 2 other guys from Germany and South Africa. In case you don’t know, the Oasis is possibly the best room in arcada. It’s a green room, entirely nature themed (really cool design), full of fatboys, a comfortable couch with lots of pillows, a smart board and a computer. It’s quite light there, too. The purpose of it is to put you in the mood to innovate, think, create and better yourself. Mainly used for entrepreneural purposes. So yeah, we went there with the guys and had a blast! Lots of good feedback on all of our pitches…we’ll probably meet again next week to pitch again and see if we’ve straightened out our problems.

It makes me kind of nervous to think that I will have to pitch in front of a jury in just over 2 weeks…I want to sound serious, even though I’m passionate about what I want to do, I don’t want it to sound childish or stupid. And the biggest intimidation comes from the previous Rotary contestants and most probably Markus Mittler, who comes across as an extremely smart person, who knows what he’s talking about and who has great ideas (or I don’t know, I haven’t really heard him pitch, but I’ve talked to him once and that was like…enough. :D) But yeah, intimidating fella.

But anyway, I’m doing it for the feedback, so I shouldn’t really care! We are all just humans at the end of the day. 🙂

Oh and by the way, also one thing I did this week is to contact the awesome Mathias, who is the head of Arcada’s Entrepreneurship Society (only awesome people involved, seriously) and ask him if I could also get on board, because I’m interested in what they’re doing and I think I could help somehow. He was more than happy to oblige, so I guess I’m now also a part of the entrepreneurship society and let me tell ya, there are some truly great things coming up! 😛

But yeah! That’s it for this week, I guess!

//Stef – have a great weekend!



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