The weather sucks.

Hey, everybody!

So yeah…it’s been a while, but I’m back for another post.

I’ve been extremely, extremely busy with doing stuff, which have absolutely nothing to do with my degree, so now I have too much school work on my head and next week seems pretty busy, as well. I want to tell you all about what’s been going on, cause it’s actually really interesting and fun, but I feel so down and lazy and…I just don’t have the strength to write another 1000 word post about my life, when nobody really cares. It’s been interesting, that’s all I have to say about the last 2 weeks, which passed way too quickly for my taste.

The weather has been really shitty, I’m sick and tired of the wet feet every day, spring can’t come soon enough. Sometimes I just see the slush outside and I don’t even want to leave the house, but then I remember that it says I’m an adult on my ID, so I have responsibilities, which makes me uncomfortable.


It’s been like that and everything is just so squishy and watery…WORST weather, hands down. Especially, when it’s drizzling rain and you’re lost outside and need to walk for another 4 km. I freaking hate winter. I can’t ski or snowboard, so I can’t even enjoy the snow. Also, last time I checked, I sucked at ice skating, as well, so basically I just want my spring.

Our overalls are taking ages to arrive. We ordered them in September and they’re STILL not here. Everyone is really pissed off (me included), because the other student unions’ overalls are already here and it’s not fair. Also, some of my HanSe(that’s my student union) mates have been tripping over my wish to purchase Commedia(another student union) overalls, as well. I don’t understand what the big deal is and why I can’t have both if I’m a member of both unions. Also, I really enjoyed the tradition and morals lecture by the international students about what the overall is about (especially since it’s a Finnish thing), at the same time nobody gives a fuck about keeping those traditions, but suddenly I’m the bad guy. Whatever.

Also, hey! The truth is ugly. I’ve been very busy with work lately, I hate it. First of all, I don’t particularly enjoy what I do, second of all, it doesn’t give me nearly as much time for social life as I would like to, since I’m working on both days of the weekend. But I have to pay my rent, so yeah… Which brings me to the subject of Finns and money. You guys are SO spoiled. You’ve no idea how you look in my eyes. “Daddy only pays my rent and the state gives me just 400 euros (however much it is)”. BOO-HOO, cry me a river. I don’t want to offend anyone, but pull yourselves together! My parents haven’t sent me a single cent, I come from a country where the state couldn’t care less about my education and I don’t get anything from Finland, as I’m a foreigner. I literally have to work if I want to eat, not to mention all of my bills. When have you heard me complain? I do think it’s unfair to me, I’m 18 years old – starting everything early, in a foreign country, working and studying and there are the 23-24-20-somethings complaining about how they only get this much money for doing absolutely nothing. Excuse me, while I don’t sympathize. If you’re going to complain, please do it between each other, where the level of “spoilness” is equal.

So yeah, I can’t see my friends, cause I’m working and that really sucks. But the worst part is that I know they’re going to have just as much fun without me. It’s not even weird to say that I want to be missed. Whoever says they don’t, is a liar. I’m looking at pictures at the moment and everyone seems so happy and smiley and I’m just sitting here trying to fall asleep. Some people have forgotten that I’m their friend, others have grown apart from me and that’s because the bonding happens on Friday nights, when I’m tucked in bed thinking about the future, which is very unclear.

I’ve sent a few summer jobs applications and I have some sort of minimal hope that something might happen, but then again, I’m a foreigner in Finland and that is generally frowned upon. I just really don’t know. I’m a little frustrated with myself and sometimes with the people around me, but I know I just have to deal with it…

Well anyway, hopefully my mood will be better after the weather is back to being good.

//Stef – wish me good luck for my Swedish test tomorrow! 🙂


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