Life in a month.

Hey, everyone!

I can see it’s been a while since my last post.

March was an all in all okay month, but I’ve been too busy sleeping and drinking to write another blog post. I can say a few good things, which happened and those are: I will officially be a tutor next year, which brings me this tiny little feeling of accomplishment, cause I know I’ll be good at it. Also, we got our overalls last Friday and I couldn’t be happier about it, since they were 2 months late. I’ve been sowing patches on and this is my new favorite piece of clothing.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to meet more new people and actually have a good time with them, since I can’t really say that I’m perfectly satisfied with some people. Yeah. Anyway, I’ve been partying a lot. With my math teacher. What? Yep.

This was 2 weeks ago, I think. It was a really cool sitz and Karis was nice enough to buy a lot people a lot of drinks. I have no idea why, but hey, at least it was fun. I may have gotten more drunk than I would have wanted to, cause I spilled like 2 liters of water over people, for which I’m sorry. But yeah, life happens. Student life and all that. These big parties are good for having fun, but not really for doing wise things.

The week after that we had another party, which was supposed to be a small and rather private one. It was. We were like 7-8 people in this big space, but…I actually really, really liked it. The time went by so fast, I went in at 20.30 and next thing I know, it’s already 5am.

It was all people I know, but not people I know very well if you can put it that way. So this is Olli, with whom I’ve been talking a lot lately and he’s really cool and stuff. I actually met him like a month and a half ago, I had no idea who he was before that, but I’m glad I met him, cause he gives really nice hugs and yeah. He’s also interested in photography, which is a win-win situation, cause I need someone to teach me how to not kill myself with a camera (once I get mine, which will be soon. :D)

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Then we have Maku and Björn. I’ve known them since like…December, I think. By knowing, I mean, I’ve seen them in bars and around in school for brief moments and I’ve heard my friend Stina talk about them every once in a while. They’re really friendly. So Maku has a thing for lifting girls apparently, I got to find that out last Friday, when I was 2 meters above the ground praying for my life. I know that he is strong, but I don’t trust him, cause I’m really heavy and I keep thinking that I will end up with a twisted hip or some shit like that. But it went well last time.

As for Björn, I talked to him a lot this time. This guy is freaking amazing and I’m so glad that he decided to talk to me (like for real).  I needed to listen to someone really sincere and I got just that. He reminded me again why males are way better friends than females. I wish I could talk to him again sometime. 🙂 Plus, he owns the dance floor, not gonna lie.

Basically last Friday was a really good party, cause I still believe in the saying that quality is better than quantity. The company was very good. Thanks to everyone, who were there.

Then in the morning I realized what an asshole one of the guys from school actually is, but I don’t really care, I’ll just let it go past me. I’m trying to not let negative emotions influence me, which is important for a person like me.

Anyway, on Sunday I met Linda, Jessica and Kirsten. First off, Linda is my hero, I really, really, really like her and I’m going to miss her like crazy when she’s gone. I fucking love every single minute I spend with her, cause she inspires me so much…to just be more creative and careless. I’m definitely going to visit her in England. And Jessica…we’ve been spending a lot of time together around the Arcada Entrepreneurship Society and organizing the events and she is also so nice. I love her laugh and I’m glad that she’s just a first year student, because I’ll get to see her every day for the next few years and that is something to look forward to. Amazing woman. And then Kirsten, basically sex on legs. Super friendly, hot as hell, I only want to take pictures of her until the end of time. Agh! But yeah, we were doing a video together for fun. It’s for the song “Happy”…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It was so much fun. I’ve decided that I would like to surround myself more with people, who make me feel good and those girls really make me smile. Great day! 🙂

And today I overslept for my lecture (again), so I’ve been at home all day watching movies and listening to music. I also made these babies.

Tasty as hell. And just as unhealthy. But I’m a self-indulger, so yeah… By the way, I watched again the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham…so much brain hurt. I had forgotten how much I wanted to punch Ken in the face. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are a lot of people like him, who just refuse to accept facts and evidence. Ah…

On the bright side, Joel started me on Cosmos, so I kind of watched every episode today. Oops. A lazy day well spent. I’m very interested in science and in everything about life, so this show was very interesting to follow. I definitely recommend it. 🙂 I’m always looking for something to challenge my thinking and beliefs.

But yes, that’s my month for you. I don’t really know what else to add…Oh yeah, a few of my favorite bulgarian photographer’s works. Just because they are beautiful and I want them in this blog.

Gotta love double exposure, it’s so magical… 🙂

But yeah, I’ll go now and I wish you all a very nice Monday evening.

//Stef – until next time


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