One amazing month…

So here’s the deal!

I’ve always liked May.

It’s just such a great month. This time last year I was so busy with my prom and matriculation exams, as well as travel details and driving license courses…it was hectic. I still loved it, though. This year it’s been so chilled and nice…despite all the finals, I’ve been feeling so relaxed and open. Nothing can bring me down.

I had my birthday, as well…on 10-th of May. And let me tell you, it was the simplest birthday you can imagine. I went to work in the morning, I bought myself some cake, came back home and watched movies all day long. I didn’t see anyone or do anything special. When people found out, they were quite upset and all like “oh nooo, you spent your birthday alone, that’s horrible, I’m so sorry!”, but I don’t really see anything bad in being alone. I’m SO social that I thought I could use some “me” time to be alone with my thoughts and do whatever I want, which in my case was to watch movies. I thought it was a great birthday! And I haven’t actually celebrated my birthday in more than 5 years, if you don’t count my mom’s gathering of her friends at our place, which is great – but not a birthday celebration.

Aaaaaaanyway, as a treat to myself, I purchased a DSLR camera. You have no idea for how long I’ve wanted this. Probably since 8-th grade. I finally had the money to buy a great one and I’m just so happy! The best birthday present I could have given myself, honestly.

So, naturally, I’ve been exploiting my camera as much as I possibly can, so here you go, one huge load of pictures that I’ve taken in the last few days… 😀


Jessica & Linda





bus stranger


Linda & Jessica

cool grandpa



Linda & Olli

Okay, I got a little carried away…but I love the colors so much! And I can’t wait to go and take more photos. Last time I went out with Linda and Olli and here’s 2 pictures from Olli’s camera, which I really liked…

me and linda

helsinki streets

Overall, I’ve had a great time this month!

I’m going to be really sad that school is ending in less than a week, though… I’m honestly going to miss all the social interaction with all those great people and most of them are going back to their hometowns for the summer and some (like Linda) are even leaving the country and I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again…kind of bitter. I’m really happy about the weather, but with it comes so much sadness…I don’t know.

But yeah, this was just a picture blog post, hope you like all the pics. Which one is your favorite? Mine is this one.

suomenlinna ferry

//Stef – sommarloooov.



  1. Just stopping by to say you have a great blog, and these are lovely photos! And I also prefer to see birthdays in quietly- as long as there is cake involved, I am happy 😉 Hope your June is just as great!

  2. thank you so much!!! It’s true that cake just saves the day, doesn’t it? 😀 haha! I hope you’re having a great June as well! 😛

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