Summer is officially here! :)


So it’s summer!

I just wrote like 2000 words about the importance of drinking water and realized what a load of bullshit I had just written, so I had to delete it all. What the fuck, Stefani?!

Here’s 2 pictures of me from Monday (when I spent the day with Jessica)



I had a really nice day out with her! We went to Nosturi and took great pictures there, we had ice cream and talked about boys. I like Jessica a lot, a lot, a lot. And here’s my personal favorite picture of hers that I’ve taken!


Later we went to the Cor-house with Maku and Björn and they went to the sauna, while I was busy playing awesome music on the laptop…but then we actually did some badass grilling, so here’s pictures from then, as well!






So, it’s been a really great end of the university year! I also went to see all the exchange students for one last time before they all left for their home countries…it was sad. A part of the reason why I didn’t want to be an international tutor next year is because I know that I will get attached to all the amazing people and then they’ll leave just like that and I hate it… But, I am, in fact, going to be a tutor, so I best get used to the thought…

On another great note, now I’ve had a lot of free time and what I’ve been doing with my life is basically sleep and eat. The weather hasn’t been GREAT, but today is the first day in a week that I can actually see the sun, so that’s nice. I went to the store the other day and bought a lot of food, so now I can make salads for a week and not run out of anything. I’m still not used to the whole adult thing, though… Even after a year. Few days ago it was a year since I came to live in Finland and in September it will be a year of living alone. Time flies FAST. But it’s been a really good year. Apart from the fact that it’s really difficult for a foreigner to find a decent job here, every other aspect of my life has been great!!

Although I haven’t been keeping in touch with my best friends lately, I haven’t spoken with Joel in a month, but I know everyone is fine, cause I see their messages all the time. I’ve just had so much on my plate that I’ve been a bit anti-social you could say…But with friends like mine, I know that I haven’t been forgotten! 🙂

And yeah! Summer is officially here, let’s see how it will go!

//Stef – I’ll try to be more consistent with the posts, okay?! 😀



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    Thanks a bunch! 😀

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