Oh the summer days.

Hey, bloggy-blog!

I’m feeling happy.

I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff lately. To begin with, I’ve gone out with my friends much more than I used to when I was in uni. By friends, I mean Joel, Johanna, Jamppa, Noora and the rest of the guys, who don’t really go to Arcada. Joel and Rasse went to the army last week, so we’ve been trying to be with them as much as possible before they left. I’m going to miss them both! It’s not like I hang out with them every day, but I do  spend a lot of time with Joel especially (naturally as he’s my best friend) and now I won’t be able to just “go out” whenever I feel like it. And I’ve also heard terrible things about the army, so I’m worried about them. Of course, I know they will be fine and they’re strong lads, so they can handle everything, but I don’t want them to hate it. :/ It’s gonna be a long year… And Henkka has a bit less than half a year left in the Navy, so then I would have someone to hang out with again (as a boy from our posse).

And on a side note, yesterday I got the news that Joel was accepted into Helsinki law school, which is REALLY difficult to get into, so I’m SO PROUD of him! I know he busted his ass all spring, got up at 7 every morning and went to the library every day and read like a mad man for the exam, so I’m thrilled to see that he got his dream study place! And that also means that we can go to stadi parties together next year. 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

With that being said, the sad thing is that most of us are studying in different places. Jazz is in Turku, Johanna and Noora are going to Tampere, Rasse is going to Rovaniemi, Jamppa to Holland and it’s just gonna be me, Nelli and Joel, who are staying in the Helsinki region. Spending time together is yet again, going to be compromised at some level.

So anyway, we all went to play football in the middle of freaking nowhere (well okay, Laaksolahti, which is almost the same thing) and it was good fun, except that I seriously need to work out and build up my strength, cause after half of the game I felt like puking my lungs out and I was as red as red can be. Much to my relief, we ended the game early, cause of Jamppa’s foot, which got jumped on and he couldn’t play anymore.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much been occupied with watching football, working and going out with people like Olli, Quan, Stina, Paola, Joel, Noora, Jazz, Nelli, Jessica and so on… I’ve been trying to eat more clean lately, too (half successfully, but still better than nothing). And my favorite breakfast so far is this:

The only downside is that there is watermelon juice flying everywhere, when I try to eat it like that with the spoon, so I have to cut it beforehand. >.< And I’ve also been making a lot of vegetables with chicken, cause it’s freaking delicious, especially if I add a wok sauce to it, it’s bueno. And easy to make. And now I should figure out other things to cook, too, if I don’t want to get sick of that in a few days. 😀 Haha.

And I was 3 times this week on a power walk out in the neighborhood, which I must admit gets boring after you’ve seen everything 10 times. So I’ve been thinking of going somewhere further away from home, just to spice things up.

Aaaand yesterday, I went out with my lovely, lovely friend Jessica and was later joined by our schoolmate Daniela. We went out into the heart of Helsinki and we had a nice walk before we decided to lay down in the park and soak up the sun. Good thing I had brought my camera with me (and my phone as well, haha), so I took at least 2 really good pictures. 😛

SCOcam with e2 preset

And I also got spotify premium, so we could literally listen to whatever we wanted to, so it was me just playing my “old as hell” playlist full of idylic songs and chill-vibes. There were so many people around us, too, everyone seemed to be really happy and outgoing. It was a really cool day.

And with that I think I will leave you until next time. Chill out, folks, I’m already super sad that summer is half-way through and I want to live like this forever…except that I would maybe like to change my job and go to Arcada, as well.

But yeah, peace out for now, lovelies!



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