Monthly Archives: October 2014

Copenhagen baby!

Yes, so what the hell am I doing in Copenhagen? I moved here yesterday. I decided to drop out from uni and move countries, cause I was sick of the weather, the routine, the work and just everything. Moving here was a spontaneous decision and I took it literally a week ago. I haven’t told […]

Mmmm, it smells like winter!

I used to love winter! As a kid I would spend all the Christmas holidays with my family in our villa, eating as much as we possibly can, unwrapping all sorts of amazing gifts. It was so exciting! Then you start to grow the hell up and learn a lot of things about the holidays, […]

You know you are turning Finlandssvensk, when:

Hey! As a continuation to my post “You Know You are Turning Finnish, when:”, I decided to make a post about all the swedish-speaking Finns out there. Having been around them for over 2,5 years, I have come to some basic facts about them. Now, before anyone shreds me to pieces, because you might get […]

Fall colors.

Sooo I kind of went out to take a few pictures with Olli. It was really awesome, cause I have been wanting to capture the fall colors for a while now…and Olli is good friendly company. I’m just gonna puke all the photos in here (well almost all), okay? 😀 okay. I really like how […]