Mmmm, it smells like winter!

I used to love winter!

As a kid I would spend all the Christmas holidays with my family in our villa, eating as much as we possibly can, unwrapping all sorts of amazing gifts. It was so exciting!

Then you start to grow the hell up and learn a lot of things about the holidays, like for example that Santa doesn’t exist and you start getting depressed about it. You realize that Christmas is about being with your family and when you’re old enough to start living on your own abroad (or even if you’re not old enough, but you still do it anyway) and your parents are living in two different parts of the world, coming home can be problematic.

So, instead of having to go through the trouble of choosing which parent I want to see this year, I screw the whole thing altogether and stay in Finland and not see anyone. Oh, the joys. And the worst thing is when people start to openly feel sorry for you. Sometimes I think they are truly sad for me, when I honestly don’t care that much about the whole situation. And I also have a great bunch of people here that I could go to for the Christmas holidays, so I can definitely say that I spend my holidays well. But anyway, I have no idea why I started to write about this, maybe it’s the smell of winter in the air?

I would talk about other things, as well if I would only have anything interesting to say. All I can think about right now is this video:

SO. RELEVANT. Literally every person in the world might have an interest in you and it wouldn’t mean anything if the one you want is being such a dick. For real. Not that I am interested in anyone in particular, but I’m just saying! And also, if I would be interested in anyone, they would be either taken, gay, too young, too old or if it’s none of the above then sure enough another girl will come into the picture and I just leave the drama as fast as possible. Stupid boys.

Buuuut anyway, has any of you heard about Stromae? Have I talked about it? Of course not, I’ve been a shit bloger for the past year. But ok, look at this face.

He looks weird…too polished somehow. Like a doll. But anyway, not here to talk about his looks. This dude has amazing music. I don’t usually listen to this type of stuff basically at all, but…I really like him. He does music in French – sort of pop, deep house with catchy rhythms and verses. For example:

This is one of the most famous ones, even though his whole album is absolutely amazing. Sooo yeah, if you’re in the mood for something different than what you usually listen to, do check this guy out!

And other than that, I guess my life is quite busy at the moment with all the courses and exams and whatnot. I haven’t been partying in almost a month, so that’s a thing that I’m proud of. 😀 Cause it’s difficult for me to sit at home for so long. Not that I haven’t gone out with people, but it has mostly been drinking 1 beer at a bar or a coffee somewhere in the center, so that doesn’t really count as anything. So yes, there’s that.

Now I shall retreat to my cave to read some more and be smart and shit. Get all the good grades, right? Right. Or maybe I’ll just watch a movie, let’s see…

Bye for now, peeps!



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