Copenhagen baby!

Yes, so what the hell am I doing in Copenhagen?

I moved here yesterday.

I decided to drop out from uni and move countries, cause I was sick of the weather, the routine, the work and just everything. Moving here was a spontaneous decision and I took it literally a week ago. I haven’t told anyone, so I thought I’d share it with everyone here in my blog. I’m doing something like that for the first time in my life, so I’m not sure how it will turn out, but let’s see!

Haha, or am I just full of shit? 😀 Yeah, I’m not really moving here…but I AM here with AES on a company visit huntdown and I’m having loads of fun with some of my favorite people! I’m super glad to be here, Denmark has been super kind to us so far, all the entrepreneurship related office spaces and companies have been super nice and welcoming and the restaurant waiters sure know how to put a smile on our faces! _MG_7174edited

We had quite a pleasant flight, we listened to music for most of the time, but the duration of it was like an hour and a half, so it’s not that big of a deal. But I really like this picture for some reason…awesome flight attendant, as well!


Sooo this is the view from our window and it’s pretty fucking epic. It’s also a bit out of focus, but let’s not concentrate on that. We’ve probably walked all over the visible parts and we’ve taken the bus too many times. 😀 I feel like I need a few more days to become an expert on where everything is!


This is just some fish tank that I found interesting, I don’t really know… 😀 There are a few pictures like that in this post.


And this is ma crewwww. Only Toffe is missing (and me, since I’m taking the picture. Duh. :D) and it’s a bit out of focus again, I blame YOU autofocus, you fucking SUCK. But yes, anyway, these people are super cool and I love spending time with them, I especially love it when all of us continuously keep making fun of Per (guy in the light jacket in the middle), it’s too funny! And Wille’s (guy to the far left) bitch face is absolutely glorious! 😀


Some really interesting shop window…this was really close to one of the places where street artists go to sing their guts out and I LOVED one of the guys I heard singing there…it sounded so beautiful, I wish I had some danish kronas left in my pocket, so I could put it all in his hat…


Every time I passed that bakery, my mouth was watering like a mofo. Oh. Man.



As we were going home from this one bar, we stumbled upon Outlandish giving out a free performance for Dignity Day! Whaaaaat??? They were nice, but it was really strange to just go to Copenhagen and get a free concert. 😀 Don’t mind if I do. And there were a few really good looking boys there, as well, just saying.IMG_7229edited


Also one thing that impressed me was the architecture. For real, you can have something really modern on one street and then something really old and renaissance-like on the other and it would still work really well. We visited one of the best neighborhoods ever, unfortunately my camera was at the hostel at the time, so I couldn’t take pictures, but it was so industrial and hipster-like in a very good way, it was super cozy and it almost smelled like coffee, I absolutely loved it! Perfect place to have a Brooklyn themed loft and a startup office! YES!


And speaking of Startups, this is taken at a place called Rocket Lab, which is an office space for startups and it’s really damn cool and Per was just realizing that I have my camera pointed at him. But yeah, all the companies and the facilities we visited were very inspirational and cool and holy crap, I’m having a really cool trip!


I’m going back to Finland, though! There are interesting things happening in Helsinki, as well *krhm* Slush *khrm* 😀 . But I’ve never been to Copenhagen before and I must say that I’m really enjoying it! (having a bit more time to enjoy it!)

So yeah! I’ll talk to you guys later.



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