Life through selfies. Are they reserved for egocentric people?

A pretty self explanatory title.

The estrogen in my body is too much to even try and avoid the whole selfie thing.

I like to take LOTS of pictures, not just of me, but as you can guess, as a typical 21-st century girl, my phone is full of photos of myself, which don’t really see the light of day. Call me self-centered, obsessed, addicted, egocentric and whatever adjective comes to your mind, but the truth is one – I love selfies. All girls do. In fact, I’m often very jealous of guys, who don’t feel the impulse to take pictures of themselves 3 times a week with or without other people, that’s amazing! I’m very grateful for this thing called a smartphone, which just does magic. I’ve been reluctant to do this post, because of what you guys might think of me, but I just realized that I don’t really give a shit, so imma do it. Have a go at all the pics I’ve been too afraid to post on facebook and instagram.

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So I’m usually quite conscious of my body, I don’t necessarily like it, BUT when I have a good day, I like to take a picture, just to remind myself that I can look good every now and then. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s the dress, maybe it’s the light or maybe it’s a combination of all these things, but that picture is a reminder to always go for the black dress.


I wanted to buy this so bad. I was both captivated and scared of the orange and then Stina talked me out of it, saying that I should lose 5-10kg to look good in it (which I probably should do anyway, but yeah) and now I feel so super sorry that I didn’t get it…it was from Tallinn, too, so it’s not like I can just walk back to the store and get it. I want to kick myself.


Then comes the outfit, which makes me look the least attractive, but it’s the one I’m the most proud of…I absolutely LOVE my overalls, they’re my favorite piece of clothing (now they have more patches), cause they symbolize my student life, which is amazing and full of parties and good emotions in general. I connect those yellow pants with so many memories and drunken nights, I’m sorry that other countries, apart from Sweden, don’t have it… And then there’s my tutor shirt, cause you know what, I’m proud of being a tutor, I’m good at it and it feels great to be recognized for doing something fun and helpful at the same time (and by helpful, I mean party A LOT and be a toast master of sitz and drink as much as possible with the new students and just be epic…).


Yeah, this is what it’s like to have lectures starting at 8am…I hate it, but what can you do, you can skip only so many of them… The early getting up is one problem, but entering the bus during rush hour is the ninth circle of hell. I’ve gotten so used to having space that I feel claustrophobic having people close to me at all times, breathing in my neck. And I especially hate it, when I have to make people stand up, so I can leave and usually they’re like grandmas with 20 bags and arthritis and I not only feel bad for making them put the effort, but it also takes AAAAGEEEES!!!! UGHHH. The struggle is real.


Every now and then, though, I get to do really exciting (oh, is that so) booze trips to South Helsinki (ha, get it?) with really cool people and we always see it as a treat, because we get to eat as much as we want at the buffeé on the ferry and we absolutely love it!


Yeah I went swimming (oops, no makeup!) and GUESS WHAT!!! I decided that it would be super awesome to jump from 5 meters head first without giving many fucks about what might happen. As soon as I jumped, before I even hit the water, I knew it was a bad idea. My hands didn’t really help much with breaking the density and first thing I felt was a huge punch to the face, which then continued to my boobs and then I heard a loud and clear *CRACK* . I felt the crack, too. My back went backwards and in that moment I was faced with the dilemma whether to scream in pain and fill my lungs with water OR keep it in and try to get some air first. It’s been a month and my back still hurts like hell every time I turn around or jerk it in a weird position. I know I should visit the doctor, but I won’t…for now. Let’s see how this develops…but one thing’s for sure and that’s that I’m never jumping head first ever again.


Oh look. Another party. What a surprise. Or is it really? Am I now one of those party animals, who just like to get down? In my defense, I’ve been successfully avoiding parties for a month now. Of course that will all go to waste next week, when I have stuff planned almost every day of the week (including a visit to Vaasa, yaaay), so I can’t really brag with that.


Yes. Yes, we are. The exchange students this year are real troopers and it’s really fun hanging out with them, I’m truly sad that most of them have only like a month left here and then they’ll just…leave. I get attached to people, you know. I’m gonna miss playing FIFA with those faces, watching the games and going out drinking or just simply playing pool and having lunch in uni. You’ll see how a sad tutor looks like. 😦


I haven’t seen my host family in a year. No, really. A year. They live in Espoo, which is literally less than an hour away from here. That’s fucked up. But I did go out with Joonatan a few times and I’m so proud of this lil bugger, you have no idea. I love him like he is my real brother and he’s just as annoying, too. Anyway, I try to find time for him to you know…just chill and eat popcorn and then he gets the chance to tell me all about his anxieties and problems of being a teenager and I get to tease him about it. Win-win!


Then comes AES, which has been a huge part of my life lately and I really love what we’re doing with it. For those of you, who don’t know what AES is, it’s Arcada Entrepreneurship Society and we get to organize a shit load of interesting events and go to some epic ones, as well (Tulevaisuuden suomi and SLUSH, holy shit, that’s like the peak of the whole year) and we get to meet awesome people from all over the country and we travel a lot and I just feel happy with these guys, you know…they know what’s up!


I know that’s not exactly a selfie, but it’s a big part of our daily lives, nevertheless. POOL. Learn it, live it, love it. Every damn day, between, before or after lectures, shit goes down at the Cor-house. We organize tournaments and we teach each other and we have loads of fun and just…who the hell doesn’t like playing pool? Also how many style points do Canada and Switzerland get? 😉


My french boys are so nice. I like every single one of them. This is Simon. Simon gave me his hat, because it was cold. What a gentleman. 🙂 And he does a mean impersonation of his roommate, he makes me laugh every time!


Last, but not least…my love life in a nutshell. GUYS! Intelligence IS sexy, I swear. I couldn’t care less about how much you can bench-press if you can’t have a decent conversation. I’m not difficult to get along with, but I have a lot of common and pop-culture knowledge, so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with that, especially if you start saying things to impress me, which I know aren’t true. Just…where are the funny guys, who can make me laugh with a dirty joke or sing along with me to a cool song? Come on…

But yeah, I’ll stop now. 😀 I’ve got like a million more selfies, but enough is enough. What do you think, are selfies reserved for self-obsessed people?

//Stef – Have a nice evening, ya’ll!


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