Slush and Vasa.


I’ve had a really, really busy week. I’m absolutely shattered. In a good way.

This is one of the posts that I’ll come back in 3 years to read again, cause there’s so much wow in it. I don’t even know where to start..? Let’s try with the beginning.

“Slush” is the biggest tech and startup fair in Europe and every November it comes to Finland. There we talk about entrepreneurship, new technology, we have inspiring talks from the next Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ of the world. We think about innovation, sustainability and the general future. It’s super interesting. This year there were 15 000 attendants I believe? It was like a festival almost, the whole Messukeskus was FULL of people, there were different stages with stuff happening on them at the same time, lots of startup stands and a 500 000€ pitching competition. It was insane. To give you a little taste of what I attended, have a look at these pics:






Crrraaaazyyyy. If you wanna check more photos of the event, go to Max’s album (official photographer for Slush and also an inseparable part of our AES team!). We heard speeches from companies such as Spotify, Nokia, Google, Supercell, and Facebook just to name a few…We also heard a speech from our beloved Alexander Stubb and the freaking Chinese prime minister. It was very surreal.

I got to go there as an AES member (Arcada Entrepreneurship Society), it was epic and I had waited for this for a whole year, so yes, my mind was pretty blown. I met so many people I had known from before, but also many new ones. Including the dudesons, those guys were awesome. The whole vibe of the event was pretty rad, I got to use my brain for a change and I got super inspired by some speakers, they were moving. This fair or convention or whatever you wanna call it, is coming back bigger every year, so I can only imagine the 20 000+ peeps next November. And it lasts for 2 full days.

I only got to attend the first day since I had a trip, for which I will tell you in a minute, but before that I just need to emphasis on the entrepreneurship events afterparties. This afterparty was not an exception to the general rule that everyone gets absolutely hammered with FREE booze usually provided from some ES or a very nice company. It’s like…I can’t tell you how many liters of free booze I’ve dragged along to my place just since the summer, just cause I’ve been too drunk to drink it – probably a solid supply of a week’s worth of partying every day. And shit always goes down at those parties. I’ve come to the conclusion that wherever my team is, something interesting is gonna happen, cause they’re just so wasted that they don’t think twice about what they’re doing. At this particular party it was difficult to find each other (since it’s 14 000 people in the same place), but you had to just improvise and booze up with strangers. I said goodbye to my mates around 23:40-ish and got out of the place at 2am, cause I just met so many people on the way out. Advice: Never do  social rounds at Slush, you’re GONNA find people. And the next day’s fb chat was full of “Where is everyone? Which bars have free booze? Let’s go bar crawling! Is there an entrance fee? Is there lots of booze?” 😀 Jesus, those guys are thirsty.

But yea, anyway! I didn’t attend the second day of Slush, cause I actually had to leave for Vasa (or Vaasa, however you wanna call it) to go to this thing called the Know How mässa in Korsholm’s Botnia-hall. And we had to leave really early from Helsinki, cause we wanted to be there on time and have some time to hang out, as well. I was with my good mates Jenna and Andréa and we deffo had lots of fun.


That’s the obligatory Vasa centrum picture. I’ve been there before with Salla on our roadtrip, I’ve actually stayed there for 2 days, but it was so long ago that I thought I wouldn’t remember it. But I do. And guess what! I stayed in Hotel Astor this time, I had my own room with a super big kingsize bed in it that I really loved. Really good hotel, great service, looks cool and the thing is that I never get my own room in hotels, so I felt like a princess or something. Really nice.

But after we checked out the room and went to eat, we went to the mässa and we did our job for like 3h, we had lots of interest, which is pretty nice, I guess. But by the end of the third hour, we were running away from the place like there’s no tomorrow. A funny thing that also happened in one of the mall-like buildings in Vasa was that I met this guy, who coincidentally had a birthday and I knew about it, cause it was on my fb events page, but I had never actually met him before. And to make things interesting, he was a Bulgarian. So the dude is talking in Swedish on his phone, right, I come in with my friend and see him, I recognize him immediately, I go up to his table and say “Happy Birthday, I saw you have it today.” in Bulgarian and then just casually leave. His facial expression was PRICELESS. 😀 Hahaha! Didn’t see him again.

BUT!!! I’ve been hearing so much hype about this place called Ollis (Oliver’s Inn), literally every single friend from Vasa that I have, has said that I should absolutely go there or I haven’t visited Vasa at all. So I’m thinking “Damn, this must be a bloody good place” u know and me and Jenna go there and we wait for half an hour to even get inside. But we did manage to go in and lemme tell ya, it was P.A.C.K.E.D. Like, this place was about the size of Werket and I’ve been to parties in Werket with close to 300 people inside and it still seemed more roomy than what this was. Holy crap.

But okay, I can kinda get it, cause there was this rockidol event going on and lots of people wanted to see it. So I took a beer, went into one of the corners, sang “I love rock’n’roll” a little bit and just had a generally good time. So once all the contestants had sung, we relocated ourselves closer to the exit and guess fucking what! (I know I’m swearing a lot, but bear with me for this one), Calle Fahllund is standing literally right in front of me. Whattt. So he sees me and comes over like “What the hell are you doing here?”, a rational question coming out of a slightly drunk guy. 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

I thought I’d take a picture with him to show Gerry, who used to go to bed and wake up with Sturm und Drang’s music (quite literally, it’s actually kinda scary), I thought she might like it. But yeah, everything aside, he seems like a cool dude and he spent a good amount of time talking to me and Jenna, so that was really cool. And we have the same taste in music, which makes us instant homies by default even if he would be a douchebag. And he gave me many hugs, which is the most important part, cause Finnish people really hate hugging and I love it, so yea…

But then me and Jenna had to leave, cause she was tired and I didn’t really want to stay alone in a bar where the only person I know is a guy I just met, who probably wants to talk to his friends. 😀 So yeah.

Next morning we had what I can only describe as the most epic breakfast ever. We were rolling to work instead of walking. Waffles, eggnog, orange fresh, pie, cupcakes, eggs, heart-shaped bread, BACON, you name it…that’s what being in heaven feels like…But the day was tiring as hell, 7 hours at Botnia-hallen just standing up and talking to people…and a long ass journey home, too. And I was supposed to go to a pikku joulu that I was invited to in Helsinki, but decided to skip due to exhaustion. But I’m totally back in the game for Beerpong on Saturday! ❤ Werket, it’s been a while!

But ya, pretty crazy week so far, the weekend is lookin’ booked as well…

//Stef – cya soon.


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