December’s been really cool so far.

First off, it’s cold, but it’s not COLD, ya know? No snow or anything, which makes me happy. I don’t hate snow, but there is the inevitable sleet that comes before and after it and that I cannot stand. So if snow never comes (haha, as if), you won’t hear this girl complaining. Though I do feel like going to Lapland and doing some skiing or just rolling in the snow like I usually do.

But anyway, what have I been up to? Well damn, a lot. To start off, Independence day was super effing awesome, I can always count on Rasse to make an event memorable with an official dinner, CHOCOLATE CAKE (yes, I do love chocolate cakes) and booze. I believe we went to bed something like 6am.

pixlr for edit


And no pictures of the boys, cause they were too busy drinking and not wanting to be involved in the documentation of this event. 😀

But I remember the day after I went to IKEA with Salla and spent like 220 euros on stuff for my room, cause I wanted to pimp it out and I sure did. It took me 2 days to move around everything and build the table and the shelf, but my room has never looked this fabulous before. I’ve got a lot of blank wall space, tho, I would love to get some cool posters to hang up. We’ll see.

But the next cool thing that I’ve been involved with is Thaw Talk. It’s a panel discussion with the chairmen of a few ES’ with the help of the Film&TV students of Arcada, cause we can’t broadcast that stuff on our own. We could always try to use a potato and get some results, but essentially we went for the real thing. And I really, really, REALLY like the Film&TV students, they’re all just such homies, it was so cool hanging out with them for 2 days and seeing how they work. I have access to the multihall, where they shoot their stuff and I love being there (the light is sooooo good for taking photos, seriously) and I was involved with the same project last year, too, so it wasn’t anything unfamiliar for me. But it was still awesome. I was designated as the official photographer for the event, since Max was busy with other things and I was the only one with an OK-ish camera and they didn’t really have a choice. It’s okay though, cause I really love sticking my camera into people’s faces anyway. It turned out cool. Here’s a few pics.


And uhhh yeah, you get the idea. Then we went to O’Learys for the afterparty, which AES was so nice to organize, we had beer, onion rings, nachos and mozarella sticks. Nomnomnom. After a while, AaltoES decided to buy shots for everybody at the table…it was nice. But yeah, that was THAW TALK, if you’re interested, you can watch it from this link.

The rest of the week has been basically full of exams and parties and presentations and ughhh. But yesterday I went to a pikkujoulu party just for the AES members and it was loads of fun. They sat me next to Wille, which is not a good idea, cause he always gives me the giggles and makes me laugh uncontrollably…


Some of the amazing food, which I couldn’t really taste, cause of the laughter tears streaming down my face and essentially the fact that I couldn’t spend 30 sec chewing without cracking up. But I’m sure it tasted amazing!



And umm yeah! The party was really good, I enjoyed it. I was actually supposed to go to another party right after this one, but on the way out I realized that my state just doesn’t allow me to go there. Let’s just say that I accidentally went home. Sometimes I have too many places to go to and it doesn’t always work out. Which sucks, cause now I won’t get to see Pierre, who is leaving tomorrow morning for France…the rest of the exchange students I will definitely see tomorrow and I will be damned if I don’t spend the entire day with them crying and begging them not to go (ok, maybe I will just stick to the begging). I will really miss them. 😦

And yeah, now Christmas is approaching and I will try to have a little surprise for some people before that or at least before New Year’s eve. Let’s see. 🙂

But hey, see you again soon. Remember to be nice to people and try not to get lost of killed.



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