Football Culture


So I didn’t want to make a video about this, but I did wanna say something about it, so here’s the blog post.

Something very fascinating to me – football culture. As a little kid I remember playing football in the school yard with the big kids (the 7-th graders, lol). That’s actually how I broke my braces, which I didn’t really need that bad, but still to this day I have a small scar on the inside of my lip reminding me to never play football in a skirt. Not that I would ever.

Football is a HUGE thing back home. You have no idea. I had a favorite team before I even hit pre-school, it’s always been the classical battle between the reds and the blues…And you don’t even have to watch football to have a favorite team, it’s so weird. Like, for the life of me, I couldn’t name a single player from Levski FC, but I was “rooting” for them, cause there is no middle ground – you CAN’T not have a favorite team no matter who you are. I wouldn’t think twice about it as a kid, but now that I look back, it seems strange.

To be fair, I’ve never actually been really interested in football, so I would never know which team is advancing where and what’s their performance. I mean, I did watch the entire 2010 world cup, but that was about it. I’ve maybe went to see a few local games between some shitty teams, but I never felt that “passion” guys feel when they turn on their TV and grab a beer, you know?

It’s been on the news semi-regularly how hooligans are setting stadiums on fire and beating fans of other football clubs, so I didn’t feel like it was something for me. I’ve kept an eye on the games every now and then, so this is how we get to my turning point. Last summer. Netherlands absolutely RAPED Spain on the pitch, it was just so surreal, all the emotions I felt while watching the game, it was a whole new sensation. Suddenly all those men with a beer in their hand made total sense and I was hooked.

Since then I’ve been following the football scene more or less closely (though I wouldn’t call myself a know-it-all) and I’ve noticed so many things about the culture that you wouldn’t otherwise pay attention to. For example, people take pride in the FC they support. It’s just the players who win the games, yet every fan is referring to themselves as a part of the team, it’s always “we” and not “they”. On the other hand they come up with foul names for other teams and go against each other like they’re mortal enemies. Why? I understand that it’s all a competition, but I don’t feel the need to tell someone to go kill themselves, because they’re a Chelsea fan (for example).

If one of your own team’s players is playing nasty, you’re encouraging them, but if a member of the opposite team does the same, you downright level them with the ground. Hypocritical as hell. Also lots of credit still remains to be given to great players no matter what team they’re playing for. I can name some GREAT lads from many different teams, but I think the fact that I’m new to all this is preventing me from being too subjective, which is good. But I look at the game more than everything else surrounding it (e.x. statistics, advancements, signings, etc.), because I think that’s the most important thing after all. A team can be the best in the world and if the game is boring, I’d still be disappointed.

With that being said, I don’t watch too many games at bars, cause I rarely find the company to do it (oh, how I miss my Germans, they would always watch with me!), so I use streams quite a lot and THE MOST ANNOYING THING for me are the chats. I know I can disable them, but sometimes I leave them on just to see what kind of people are watching the game and 9/10 it’s always IDIOTS with user names like PSG4eva1997 saying stuff like “I am PSG fan from FRANCE PSG BEST team in the world” on a Monaco – Arsenal game. Seriously, who the fuck cares? No contribution to the commentary of the game whatsoever, yet it manages to get on your every nerve by just existing. And God forbid a girl enters the conversation… The whole situation reminds me of a bunch of drunk 15 year olds, who can’t control themselves…which I’m sure is exactly what it is.

Aside from that, it’s pretty cool to see the political, economical and global influence football has on us as a whole. I mean it’s a huge business and it tackles important issues such as racism, bullying and equality more than you would think. Some great minds are football fans, Russel Brand for example (who I will endlessly adore for his eloquence and strive to educate the common folk about our surroundings), so it’s not all going down the drain.

It IS a man’s world, but so what? As a proud woman, I like football as well. I bet there are some guys out there, who sincerely enjoy Sex and the City, too. 🙂

//Stef – important game on Sunday coming up!


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