5 am post for no reason.

Hey! 😛

It’s super late (or early, depending on how you see things) and I haven’t posted in aaaaaaages, so I thought I’d whip up something now, as I’ve been in the mood for a few days.

This night reminds me super much of the times, when I used to hide under my covers and chat with Joel till 5am about ridiculous stuff such as cheese (argue is still ongoing) and good looking girls. Haven’t spoken to him in this way lately, cause we’ve both been busy with our separate things (though we’re still close and keep in touch). Feels like so much has changed since those days and we’re so different, but still kind of the same…

I’ve learned how to do my makeup, at least. Haha. 😀 16yo me would cringe at the sight of this pic:


And 20yo me just really doesn’t care, cause a pimps and prostitutes party sounds like a great idea! I’ve been out with friends so much that I have forgotten what it’s like to be alone at home and have nothing to do. There’s always places to go to and people to see, ciders to drink…

Actually now I’m feeling like it’s time for a little break before I go again. Time to let my liver rest and focus on other fattening things such as nutella and pipari cookies. Maybe some bacon. Ok, LOTS of bacon.

I feel like taking pictures of attractive people, so if you’re confident and feel like you need a new profile pic, please tell me, cause I love doing this shit. I’m losing my touch after not having done anything in aaaages. Last person I took pics of was Mimi


There’s so much I could still do to this pic, but I want to go out somewhere and take kick ass winter pics like I did last year with Jessica (when I looked like a ghost thanks to the exposure).


I would like to also try something a bit more artistic, after all the partying and hanging out with people, I would like to capture someone’s character in a photo, not just snap them so they look good. I’d maybe be interested to work with face paint and thematic clothes, perhaps try different lighting and get a bit less basic, but I’m not sure how many of my friends would be interested in participating in something like this?

This is when I miss Linda the most, she was absolutely crazy and ready to get naked and have clothes painted on her whole body if it meant it would be a good shot. Kinda wanna see her again and get inspired, she’s so good at coming up with the weird shit.

I’d also love to try and take pics of some males? Ones, who are not bitching about life 24/7? Ones that would trust my judgement that I will make them look good and follow my vision? Most guys don’t like their picture taken and I don’t understand why half of my friends are so awkward and are making fun of me wanting to take a pic of them (I mean besides Joel, cause obviously he’s the worst when he wants to). So if you are a guy and would like to have a nice pic taken, plsssssss tell me, cause I so want to do it!

Another thing, I’m super jealous of my father, cause once again he’s travelling the world and is currently in some super warm and tropical place and I’m here being rained on with winds as strong as my hopes for a pass on my ERP course. Ridiculous. So I’m thinking of going to Dubai after January, sounds like a good time for it, just as it’s the coldest here in Finland…let’s see.

What else is new…been hanging out with Sophie and Claire as per usual, went to Slush, somehow managed to attend both afterparties, went to like a gazillion happenings in October and November + Glöggrundan in December, shit was tight.Snapchat-8161976023330535400

The last event was especially bizzare cause almost everyone I knew was there yet I met so many new peeps (Khrm, Daniel’s friends are pretty awesome). I saw Freddie for like 5 min once again. I’ve given up hope with him. He tells me during the summer that he’s been accepted to study in Turku after what I literally see him 2 times (mind you, we were really really good friends and I’m still tight AF with his brother) and 1 of those times has been for 2 min while I was really drunk and outside while being dragged into a festival thingy during a heavy rainfall, so I don’t remember that really well.

Anyway, I just need to rant about this, cause I really thought we could keep in touch and be homies, but distance fucks things up, cause he’s having an awesome life in Turku (not that this is bad, I’m really happy for him) and older friends fade away. It just sucks cause we used to talk so much and be so close and I got used to him being around and having coffee/lunch together almost every day and I really miss him. Nowadays I’m always the one to start the conversation and it always reaches a dead end, so it’s not particularly productive either. But yeah. Daniel is still here and he’s been holding the front on the Tallberg side really well, so I can’t be made at those baby faced brothers. They’re the best and are super hugable and make me smile always with their retarded humor.

Other than that, things have been pretty basic I guess. Dunno what else to say really…Maybe I should hit the hay and stop googling weird stuff such as how many toenails do elephants have, as if that’s of crucial relevance to my life…

Yeah, I’ll do that.

//Stef – Next post will be Soundtrack of my life vol.7 😉


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