Unpublished bits and pieces from my phone.


So umm, I guess I’m getting worse and worse at keeping this blog going, but let’s make another attempt at it anyway!

Dude, I’ve got 70 drafts ready to be published, but I always feel like half of the shit in each of them is too personal and I don’t want to share it with the world. It probably isn’t that bad and to be frank most of you don’t really care, so I don’t actually have anything to be afraid of. I hope.

I know I promised to make a Soundtrack of my life vol.7 post, but to be honest my past year of music has been VERY different than what I’ve listened to before and I’m not ready for people to start pointing fingers at me and label me as a mainstream consumer, who is brainwashed and doesn’t have an opinion of her own and all that blablabla stuff that come with listening to more modern music. Tho I’ve enjoyed a lot of good songs, so maybe I should after all not care and put it all in a post…let’s see!

Anyway, THIS post is just a random update with pictures mostly screenshotted from snapchat and you can find the occasional selfies made with my phone’s actual camera. I just got a new phone and I’ve been so vain with the selfies, since the camera is just super good…best purchase ever!


This is from when we were in England (came back 2 weeks ago), we had an epic trip and I took lots of pics and I think the highlight for me (besides all the obvious shopping) was Nando’s. I’m absolutely devastated that they don’t have it here in Finland, cause it was easily one of the best foods I’ve tasted. I strongly recommend it to you guys, if you’re ever in England, GO FOR IT!!!

2016-01-10 10.49.31 1

Some pic of me trying stuff on, I thought the jacket looked bomb AF, so I got it. Now I just need to wait for it get warmer. Sigh.


This was taken in December before me and Sophie decided to have our tipaton tammikuu and leave the booze for February. I love getting drunk with this girl.



Needless to say our tipaton was arguably unsuccessful and we realized that alcohol solves so many problems. Or even if it doesn’t, it makes you forget about them. I still enjoy not having bad hangovers, so I try to take advantage of that as much as possible and have a great time! Besides, there’s always a reason to drink. A boy doesn’t want you? Your friend is going on exchange? You don’t know what you’re doing with your life? You’re sexually confused? You failed a course? You passed a course? It’s margarita monday? It’s pikku launatai? Your friend really wants to sing karaoke? Or they’re sad and need you to tell them that this fuckboy ain’t shit and you need to watch them agree with each shot they take? You wanna help someone get laid? You wanna get laid yourself? You need inspiration for your thesis topic? I can keep going forever…

But yeah anyway, we had an incredible night (in my opinion), apparently I don’t remember all of it, cause Stina almost strangled me for not believing I’ve done half of the shit she says I’ve done. Daniel said that this was the most fucked up he’s ever seen me and we’ve been out partying a lot together, so that should say something. Nothing to be proud of, but anyway all I remember was that I had a kick ass time throughout the entire evening and Sophie brought a male exchange student to my place without warning me, so me and Zselyke were in our underwear when I answered the door. Lol. Sophie’s drunkenness is another story for another time, she also had lots of fun. Actually, even Claire did. EVERYONE enjoyed. So happy we didn’t jinx it by looking forward to it for too long, but yes! Can’t wait for next friday and the next party.


Welp, January has also been SUPER MOTHERFUCKING COLD. Well except for the last few days, now everything is melting and it’s annoying. But -27 degrees, when we left Helsinki for London, though. Bloody freezing. Kind of happy that it’s warming up.

Student life wise things are going okay, I still need to get my act together and apply for internships and maybe take a few reports a bit more seriously, but other than that I’m quite content. I’m taking a course where we mix cocktails and taste them and it’s absolutely amazing, cause they all taste so divine and I’m getting credits for it, it’s awesome!!! I enjoy my time with Sophie and Claire and outside of class with Daniel and Stina…I feel like I’m still the party person I once was, but I’ve started to be less interested in meeting new people, especially after the summer. Still excited about the prospect of going to Werket and stuff, but I don’t care about seeing new peeps, especially since my regular squad is there, I just wanna have fun with them really…

And personal life wise…I don’t really know. 😀 Everything is so confusing and there’s so much drama, I just want to stay in bed, not see anyone and watch series. But I still wanna be good with everyone if that makes sense. I became a bit too invested in a situation that I shouldn’t have gotten myself into in the first place, but it’s all me to blame for that and this is maybe the first time that I feel like I’ve done wrong by others and I don’t like the feeling, cause I’m such a “I don’t wanna hurt anyone!” person and now I guess I’m a bit of a bitch and that doesn’t sit well with me… I need to go out more and do different stuff not to think about it, but I already do so many things ughhh I’m so lazy.

I miss the time when I was younger and more stupid and I thought that life is only black and white and there’s no middle and I didn’t have a clueeeee, those were the days, man!!! What I want now is no boys, no girls, just friends, lots and lots of tea and a different brain. Also I would like it if Joel wouldn’t be so embarrassed to invite me to a pykälä party, why the hell has he created an isäntä profile with his friend and then gone and followed me on instagram, bruh he’s weird.

Speaking of Joel, that reminds me of Jamppa (cause same lukio friend group and all that). Those are still some of my best friends I have and I had a horrible dream yesterday that Jamppa died and I don’t remember feeling so sad and crying so much in a dream. I woke up covered in tears with my heart racing. I realize that this is a projection of something else happening in my life (whatever it is), I don’t usually have nightmares, but seriously I need to see him as soon as he gets back to Finland, because I miss him and I realize that I would really hate it if anything ever happened to him. So yeah there’s that. I guess I feel a bit like shit for the moment. 😀

But I’ll be fine!

//Stef – first post of the year, at least it’s still in January!


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