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Today overall…

Was ok, I guess. My aunt came back from Dubai and that’s the one thing that’s keeping this day in the “ok” graph. The days was pretty much a waste. I went to school for no apparent reason and of course, I had nothing to do, cause the teachers were examining my classmates and it was […]


AHJNGFRFHGLKHJBGDHDTH!!!!!!!! I was at the YFU seminar in Koprivshtica for about 5 days. Just a brief explanation: YFU organizes a 5 day seminar for all bulgarian students, who will go aboard with the exchange program. Can I just say that those were probably the best 5 days of my year so far? So! We were […]

Answering a good question:

Hey, everyone! So I got asked by a really sweet Hungarian girl the following question:   I remember your post where you wrote about Bulgarian men, how violent they are. Is that really true? Because it sounded to be very creepy…How would you describe Bulgarian people, or the country? Yes, I remember that post, too! […]

Insert a title here…

I’m back again for another post, guys! How have you all been, my lovely birds? Soo I had my birthday on the 10-th of May. It was cool, I guess. People were asking me how does it feel to be a year older and it honestly doesn’t feel any different. 😀 Maybe I’m not wise […]


I know, I know. I’ve been gone for way too long. And frankly, I don’t have an excuse. I just didn’t want to write. Now that we’ve got that cleared out, let’s see what I’m going to write about now… How come every time I log into wordpress and press “New Post” and my muse […]


Way ho! As this year’s eurovision contest comes closer by the minute, my enthusiasm also keeps growing. Here are my top 12 favorite songs for this year! Enjoy. ^^ Bulgaria Poli Genova – Na Inat Why? Because the song isn’t half bad and I would like it if Bulgaria  goes to the finals. Of course, […]

Kind of annoying..

*insert a high five over here* Hey you, fucks, what’s up? <3333 So looking at the title, you’d probably want to know what’s annoying, right? Technically, every individual has different things that he finds annoying and I’m not going to rant about all the things I don’t like, cause I don’t think that’s something we […]