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Yeah, hey! So, I’m in a good mood, though I shouldn’t be. I have a SHIT LOAD of stuff to study, more than 20 exams, yet I haven’t been doing much studying, cause I know that I’ll pass all of the subjects. Yet, I should study. And I will…after I clean my room. Which will […]

Today overall…

Was ok, I guess. My aunt came back from Dubai and that’s the one thing that’s keeping this day in the “ok” graph. The days was pretty much a waste. I went to school for no apparent reason and of course, I had nothing to do, cause the teachers were examining my classmates and it was […]


AHJNGFRFHGLKHJBGDHDTH!!!!!!!! I was at the YFU seminar in Koprivshtica for about 5 days. Just a brief explanation: YFU organizes a 5 day seminar for all bulgarian students, who will go aboard with the exchange program. Can I just say that those were probably the best 5 days of my year so far? So! We were […]

Way ho!

Gooood day, WordPress! What’s going on, gang? How’s life? I’m doing good, thanks for asking. Yani came to Varna on Wednesday and we had a great day together. She was here for her cute little dog, Fritz, he had to get his milk teeth taken out. And it’s not like they don’t have Vets in […]

Dubai and cousins

Hey, dudes! How did you get so many? I have a lot of people looking through my blog, that’s…pretty unbelievable! 😀 So my mom just dropped me the news…she’s going to Dubai for 3 months, she leaves on March 20-th (which seems pretty far in time, but it will come faster, than expected). I’m hoping […]


So? What happened to the frog, I hear your thoughts spinning around that subject like a bad action movie helicopter scene. Well, it ate the baby mouse and it died. But I, on the other hand, survived. I was on this little trip to the Roza village to pick up my cousin, Alex. We went […]