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Just a quick update.

Hey. So I’m currently in the Varna house (not apartment, where I live) with my friends – Dido, Boyan and Yana. I’ll be going to Stara Zagora with them tomorrow, so I won’t be able to write for some time, but I promise you a long blog post with a lot of pictures when I […]

Aaand they’re gone.

That’s…weird. I haven’t been alone in a long time. Feels good. I met the boy I told you about, his name is Kaloyan. And he slept in my room. Nice boy, except when he’s tickling me. I took them all (the guests) to the beach, then we didn’t sleep and talked all night. It was […]

Hey Blog,

So I had my birthday 2 days ago… I didn’t celebrate it though, because for some stupid reason, no one can’t make it to the party. The reason is called distance/ Saturday school/ grounded asses. Let me explain. Yana, Dido, Maria and Bobcho live 300 km away from Varna and they can’t just come here […]

Past 3 days…

Hey, junkies! These past 3 days have been a fucking blast! I loved every single second of the time I’ve had. I’m in an awful mood since my friends went home…67896789km away! There was a rainstorm on my way back home and when I unlocked the front door, all wet, I smiled thinking that Danail […]