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Answering a good question:

Hey, everyone! So I got asked by a really sweet Hungarian girl the following question:   I remember your post where you wrote about Bulgarian men, how violent they are. Is that really true? Because it sounded to be very creepy…How would you describe Bulgarian people, or the country? Yes, I remember that post, too! […]

Why are women like that?

Hey, so lets start! A lot of boys have been wondering what do women want (at least those that I know of). Well, I’m not every women (see what I did there? :D), but I can tell you some general stuff, that I’m pretty sure every girl would agree on. Since you’re not only asking […]

What’s wrong with the male part of the world?

Hey blog! What’s up? Just a brief drift: A random brunette stopped me today on my way to the airport and told me she had just seen 3 green trolls coming out of a mine and in order to destroy them, I must run into a wall. Sounds legit. But the topic for today is…yes, […]