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Merry Christmas!!!

Hey, everyone! Hyvää Joulua! Merry Christmas! Весела Коледа! I’m here in Kirkkonummi with my support person, Salla, and I’m in the greatest mood ever. My family is currently in Egypt, so I couldn’t spend Christmas with them, but it wasn’t all bad. I got a shitload of presents and food and whatnot. We went to […]


Hey, again! So yesterday was so, so, so awesome… I went to bed at freaking 4 am the previous night, but I still managed to go to school at 8 am. And I wasn’t even tired. But that doesn’t matter. The day was awesome. I had English with Leksi and of course, with him we […]

Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it’s kind of too late, since it’s 00:43 now, but oh well! So I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I know best, I suck at wishing stuff, but I can at least try, right? This is probably the last post of the year, since I won’t be here until […]