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I just realized…

I’m full of so much crap! This might be boring for some of you… I talked about friends with a person today and I said so much bullshit. I mean, I do believe in what I said, but it is so wrong in a way… I don’t have that radical beliefs. And I do have […]


So…I don’t even know. There’s so much to blog about and I’m probably going to miss on everything, think of a random topic and go along with it. So let’s make a list of what I want to talk about (I hate forgetting things) My awesome dream last night. The holidays Brain my dad The […]


Well, I’m super tired, but I always have time for you, blog! Ofc, since I’m super boring, I’m going to talk to you about my past few days. On 4-th of september I remember I got like 180 views…my previous record was 97. Who reads this shit? But anyway, I didn’t really do anything special […]

Some stuff again.

Heeeeey! So I know this will be boring, but really, that’s what I want to talk about and it’s not like I have a million readers, so..here goes nothing. Have you ever been SURPRISED at how small things just make you happy? And also sad? I’ll start with the bad things, cause they’re far less […]

Soundtrack of my life.

So far that is. First off, you might be surprised by what you’re about to see. Most of those songs have nothing to do with my personal music preferences and yet I still love them. The thing is, I do this every year and in every 5 years or so I pick the most popular […]

Stuff happened…

Sup, bambuchas? A reasonable amount of things happened in the present month, so…shall we? First – I won a Cajunga poster. But wait, not just any poster! It’s the one and only that was in the video “Dancing with the boys!” (by the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s it is) Second […]

Un amore grande!

You don’t know what’s with the title? Neither do I! But it’s a bloggy, so let’s get started. After I turned Brad Pitt and River Phoenix (calling from the afterworld) down and went on a date with Johnny Depp, I hung out with Gergana for quite some time. I even stayed at her house where […]