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Well, I’m super tired, but I always have time for you, blog! Ofc, since I’m super boring, I’m going to talk to you about my past few days. On 4-th of september I remember I got like 180 views…my previous record was 97. Who reads this shit? But anyway, I didn’t really do anything special […]

Hide ya everythin’

Are you hanging in there, little caterpillars? Well, I’ve been busy these couple of days (as busy as you can ever call me, I always have time for another 30 stuff) aaand, I’ll just tell you how I’ve been. For if you want to know. 1-st…I got in touch with Radin. What? You don’t remember […]

I finally got my hand on the photos.

Good morning, cockmonglers! So…I got some baby pics of me. You are most very welcome to have a good laugh, while watching them. So…let’s start with my first picture ever: 😀 *angel* First off: Ahahahahahahaha. Mom is so fat! No, really, she’s way thinner now. And prettier, for sure. Dad is pretty much the same, […]