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Oh my gaaaaawd!

I haven’t been posting anything in MORE than a month!!! That is so sad. But hold your tits, I’m going to tell you about everything that’s been happening. Ok, so first I had my prom on 24-th of May (seems like ages ago). It was kinda bad. So I woke up in the morning and […]

Last few days.

Yes. Hello. Last few days have passed both fast and slow. Let me just tell you about everything. First, I went to our summer cottage with my family. It’s located on an island, but it’s not too far away from home. I like it there.  Just not for too long. But I guess we didn’t […]


Hei kaikille! Miten menee? I’ve had a really nice autumn break (syysloma), I must say! So, this is going to be a post with loads of pictures, which I bet everyone is going to like! The break was kinda long, a whole week and I didn’t think I would find stuff to do for all […]