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The Finland-Bulgaria experience.

Okay… Everyone’s been bugging me to do the blog post and frankly, I’ve put it away for a few days, cause I didn’t feel like blogging, but today is the day! Here we go! The whole day before my people arrived to Varna was pretty hectic. I was worried about their journey and how they […]

Movie day!

Hey! So, today (or should I say yesterday) was a movie day (as far as one movie goes).  I invited Iisa, Assu and Kaisa over for a nice movie day and we had the day, alright, but it was so short….first of all, we all woke up at 14.00, so the whole thing started almost […]

This week!

Has been great! I know it’s not over yet, but still, I think it’s quite nice. So on Monday we got our tests back. Guess who has 10’s in geography, English and Finnish! Yours truly, and I got an 8 in math, of which I’m very happy, cause I expected something really low. And it […]