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I just realized…

I’m full of so much crap! This might be boring for some of you… I talked about friends with a person today and I said so much bullshit. I mean, I do believe in what I said, but it is so wrong in a way… I don’t have that radical beliefs. And I do have […]

The day…

‘Kay, so what’s up? I went to bed at 2.30 am last night and had to wake up at 5.30 am. :((( Und das ist nicht das Schlimmste Teil. Basically, we were supposed to go on a break, because there’s a flu thing going on and guess what happened? 3 people weren’t enough for the numbers to […]


Hey everyone! I’ve noticed a bit of stats rising recently, so I take it that I either have a stalker, or you’re just 1 or 2 more! Well, this post is all about pictures I’ve never posted here  (from the camp), so here we go! So here we are as follows: Poli (the geography teacher), […]


Note to self: update more often. Go eat. Finish the Physics project.

Happy Holiday! St. Nicholas day, or Nikulden, as we call it! Happy Namesday to every one who’s name is somewhat related to Nicol(e), Nicolay, Nikola, Natali and so forth… I wish you all the joy in the world and let your name bring you good luck and health…and fish, I guess. Honestly, I don’t get […]

Staro selo / Old village

that’s the name of my practice restaurant. And let me tell you all about it. This year, in school, we have practice. In the kitchens of some 5 star restaurants. It’s a shitty job, since we’re basically not doing what we’re supposed to, they use us as ganitors and…just, I don’t like it. But it’s […]

Stiifi feels like crap.

Hi. As you all know, I rarely change moods. I’m mostly happy and smiley, but not today. It all started with the fucking table. It’s a 50 kg. big massive table and I had to move it 5 times from one spot to another, just because someone felt like it would fit good here…or here…or […]