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Well damn!

Yeah, so… I slacked. Like a lot. Like a month and a few days kind of a lot. I have no excuse other than the fact that I’m a lazy mofo. So what have I been up to during this last month? Besides being awesome, I mean. 😀 Well…I was HOME!!! Like BULGARIA HOME. Almost […]

Oh my gaaaaawd!

I haven’t been posting anything in MORE than a month!!! That is so sad. But hold your tits, I’m going to tell you about everything that’s been happening. Ok, so first I had my prom on 24-th of May (seems like ages ago). It was kinda bad. So I woke up in the morning and […]

The Finland-Bulgaria experience.

Okay… Everyone’s been bugging me to do the blog post and frankly, I’ve put it away for a few days, cause I didn’t feel like blogging, but today is the day! Here we go! The whole day before my people arrived to Varna was pretty hectic. I was worried about their journey and how they […]

A post promised.

Hey! Long time ago I remember I said something about mentioning my friends here in my blog.  I know I’ve mentioned them many times before and this is just gonna be one of those posts, in which I just praise them. Bear with me. I wrote something like this in March, but things have been […]

Bank card adventures.

Hey! So, I was thinking that I’d do a post with pictures, but I forgot my camera cable at home and I can’t do it…I’m at Salla’s place now for a few days and my computer is…at home. So let me tell you about yesterday anyway. I woke up at 11.30 pm, which was already […]

V for Vendetta…

Sup? So, I had a good few days here in Espoo. On Monday I went out with Emma and a few hours later went to Iiisa’s place to celebrate her 18-th spin around the sun. I went by bike, which I still don’t know if it was a mistake or not, but at least I […]

Awesome Tuesday is Awesome!

Hey, everyone! So…today was exceptionally awesome, as you can read by the title. I had to get up at 6.30 am, but whatever, I had history as 1-st lesson and everyone were scaring me that Mr. Crowford is awful and can’t teach and his lessons are boring, but it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it […]