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A post promised.

Hey! Long time ago I remember I said something about mentioning my friends here in my blog.  I know I’ve mentioned them many times before and this is just gonna be one of those posts, in which I just praise them. Bear with me. I wrote something like this in March, but things have been […]

Last Friday Night!

Hey, everyone! 🙂 So Friday came once again and as a person, who likes having a good time, I felt obligated to have fun…and so I did! I got my host parents permission to invite some people over in the condition that I take care of the dog (Nuutti) and don’t leave him all alone […]


Oh my god….so many, many, many things happened that I don’t even know where to start from… Nor do I have the time to explain everything.  But I have to at least note here that these last two days were AMAZING and went by SO FAST, kind of merged even… So here’s what we did […]

Hello again, school!

This is gonna be real quick, cause I’m almost dying of tiredness here. So, school started again (finally!) !!! YAY! Woke up at 4 am, cause I don’t know why, but I guess there was some reason and things went as they should…anyway, I got to school on time. It was glorious! I saw everyone! […]


Hey, again! So yesterday was so, so, so awesome… I went to bed at freaking 4 am the previous night, but I still managed to go to school at 8 am. And I wasn’t even tired. But that doesn’t matter. The day was awesome. I had English with Leksi and of course, with him we […]

This week!

Has been great! I know it’s not over yet, but still, I think it’s quite nice. So on Monday we got our tests back. Guess who has 10’s in geography, English and Finnish! Yours truly, and I got an 8 in math, of which I’m very happy, cause I expected something really low. And it […]