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This week!

Has been great! I know it’s not over yet, but still, I think it’s quite nice. So on Monday we got our tests back. Guess who has 10’s in geography, English and Finnish! Yours truly, and I got an 8 in math, of which I’m very happy, cause I expected something really low. And it […]

7-th grade misses me.

Dude! Can you believe it? I was 7-th grade once…I wonder how my grandchildren will take that?! But yes, I have some great memories from back then. I was still in my first gorgeous, awesome school with these absolutely amazing group of people randomly called classmates and we were having a blast. For those of […]

What is happening lately.

Hey, blog. I’m referring to you, because you’re probably the only one, who’s forced to read this shit. But that feels kind of comfortable. I can tell you everything, right? Right. But there’s nothing interesting, really. I’m stressed out, because I gotta end the school year well. I’m aiming for a really good grade, but […]