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I’m doing something right! (I hope)

Hey, yet again. Last few days have been eventful and I will not stop on every amazing thing that happened, simply, cause I don’t want to create drama. Maybe in a year or so, I’ll do a post with the most important things. But now, I shall be boring for a while. Not that my […]

Today overall…

Was ok, I guess. My aunt came back from Dubai and that’s the one thing that’s keeping this day in the “ok” graph. The days was pretty much a waste. I went to school for no apparent reason and of course, I had nothing to do, cause the teachers were examining my classmates and it was […]

Kind of annoying..

*insert a high five over here* Hey you, fucks, what’s up? <3333 So looking at the title, you’d probably want to know what’s annoying, right? Technically, every individual has different things that he finds annoying and I’m not going to rant about all the things I don’t like, cause I don’t think that’s something we […]

Why are women like that?

Hey, so lets start! A lot of boys have been wondering what do women want (at least those that I know of). Well, I’m not every women (see what I did there? :D), but I can tell you some general stuff, that I’m pretty sure every girl would agree on. Since you’re not only asking […]


Здравствуйте! (that’s in Russian!) So I’ve been kinda mixing days. You know what I’m talking about? No? You’re so stupid. The thing is, I’ve been staying up really late. I go to bed at 5 am and wake up at 11. I feel fine, but sometimes it’s a bummer, not knowing what day it is. […]