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Soundtrack of my life vol.5

For the 5-th year in a row! My favorite music. Every year is special with something, obviously, but this year I’ve gone back to my roots, where almost every piece of music is a classic and is somehow special to me. So everyone, who’s been hanging out with me for more than an hour knows how […]

Random thoughts. I’m not even joking. :D

Sup? New Year’s eve was AWESOME. I don’t have many pics, cause all I did was make videos and I’m swearing like a mofo in all of them (unintentionally), so I decided that I want to be a lady this year and swear less and yeah. The drinking was a lot and in the morning […]

New theme

Well it’s not really new…more like updated old one. 😀 I already got one positive and one negative feedback and it would be great if you could give your opinion, too! I updated my About page and I added 2 more (Other/favorite blogs & Music). I hope you like this, I felt kinda bored with […]

Hahahahahahahahah. ^^

Hey, reality! I was just SURPRISED of how this little girl posted a video on youtube crying over Justin Bieber (that’s what he gets…3 year olds!) and then ka-boom, Justin calls her parents, pays for a trip to LA (and disneyland) and meets Cody (the girl). Maybe if I cry my eyeballs out for River […]

Reviews & Invitations.

Hey, dudes and duders! So…I was thinking, maybe I should do some reviews? Perhaps compare some foods, music, movies? Or just give you my opinion on a particular things? Or…why not both? I kind of wanted to say something for the developing popular music right now, and what it was ages ago. Review some old […]