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So…the day tour is on the line again…whatever that means. I woke up at 8:56 with Brain setting my phone on fire, because I wasn’t answering. Anyway, I went in the bathroom, washed my hair, brushed my teeth…you know, normal stuff. It took me an hour and a half to be ready to step my […]

Let the sunshine in!

Or go to the mall. So it wouldn’t be me if I don’t tell you what I bought myself. A lot of things, actually. A big bag for all the things I need to carry around with me, such as a chop stick, a good book, a bottle of water, my wallet, a pen and […]

Hahahahahahahahah. ^^

Hey, reality! I was just SURPRISED of how this little girl posted a video on youtube crying over Justin Bieber (that’s what he gets…3 year olds!) and then ka-boom, Justin calls her parents, pays for a trip to LA (and disneyland) and meets Cody (the girl). Maybe if I cry my eyeballs out for River […]