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I just realized…

I’m full of so much crap! This might be boring for some of you… I talked about friends with a person today and I said so much bullshit. I mean, I do believe in what I said, but it is so wrong in a way… I don’t have that radical beliefs. And I do have […]

Senior year!

For Brain. I was the only one crying my heart out, trying not to show any sign of emotion. Tsvetelina (Brain) kept yelling “No crying! If you start, then I’ll start…and I don’t wanna ruin my makeup” But it was so sad! I mean…she’s graduating and soon she’ll go to England and she’ll leave me […]

Box of memories.

Sup, turtles? =) Today I want to talk about the box of memories. This is basically a box, which will be filled with stuff that when Melinda Gordon touches, she’ll see cool visions. Hypothetically speaking. I’m thinking about doing it today, I already have some things I want to put in there. For instance, the […]


So…the day tour is on the line again…whatever that means. I woke up at 8:56 with Brain setting my phone on fire, because I wasn’t answering. Anyway, I went in the bathroom, washed my hair, brushed my teeth…you know, normal stuff. It took me an hour and a half to be ready to step my […]

Day review.

Yo, moshducks. I haven’t been bloggin’ for a while…well, because I was too bored and lazy to write something. But today is different. I’m still bored and don’t want to write this, but I feel like I have to, if I don’t want to forget it. So what happened is the following: Tsveletlina (Brain) graduated […]

Happy 28-th of March!

And I’ll give you at least 3 reasons why this day is gonna be great! First, Calle Fahllund from Sturm und Drang has a birthday today. Not just any birthday, but his 18-th one. So you get the picture, it’s a big deal! Not that he’s going to read this shit, but I wanted to […]

My first VLOG!

So, hey? Yesterday was a freaking cool day…maybe I’ve seen better, but I’ve definitely seen worse. I looked like crap, but that was because Rumen decided that he wants to ‘play’ with me. Anyway, I have a few shots for you ^^ Well, they’re all on facebook, but why not put them here as well? […]