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A really “exchange” post.

Hey, everyone. This post is gonna be fun for me to write, I hope for you to read, as well. So I got the YFU newsletter today and it had so many questions inside, that I find really good and thought-provoking. It’s all connected to my exchange year somehow, so if I communicate with you […]


MOI, MOI, MOI, MOI, MOIIIII!!!!!!!! ‘Sup with you, guys? I’m currently in ESPOO with my host family and everything is really great! So, I arrived in Helsinki on 3-rd of August and went to Anjalankoski for the YFU orientation camp. Here’s a picture from the plane: It was really exciting to finally go to Suomi. […]


AHJNGFRFHGLKHJBGDHDTH!!!!!!!! I was at the YFU seminar in Koprivshtica for about 5 days. Just a brief explanation: YFU organizes a 5 day seminar for all bulgarian students, who will go aboard with the exchange program. Can I just say that those were probably the best 5 days of my year so far? So! We were […]

Random: from here and there

Hey, guys! Let’s leave all the drama behind and start acting normal, ya?! So, some things I want to talk about: cats & everything else! I saw this show on Animal Planet 2 weeks ago…I think it’s called “Cats & Dogs 101”. Anyway, the episode was about cats and I couldn’t help, but fall in […]

YFU Finland

I’m the happiest girl in town! I knew they were going to contact me, but I was never certain and I never expected it to be this soon! Sooo, I really have a lot to do, damn! Yesterday Pesho wrote me “Hey, happy new year! I wish you the best year of your life (see […]